5 Features PlayStation VR 2 Needs to Succeed

During CES 2022, Sony has revealed a number of new details about its upcoming VR headset, PlayStation VR 2. We now know the specs of the PSVR 2’s display, the fact its Sense controllers will feature the same haptic feedback and adaptive trigger tech found inside the DualSense controller, and that the headset itself will even have its own sensory feedback and eye-tracking tech for a more immersive experience. All of this sounds very promising for the PSVR 2, but there are some other features and areas where Sony will really need to deliver if it has any hopes of competing with the Oculus Quest 2 and other big boys of the VR space right now.

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things psvr 2 needs to succeed

One of the original PlayStation VR headset’s biggest strengths was just how comfortable it was to wear for long periods of time, which came in clutch when you found yourself fully immersed in the mystical, magical world of VR.

Since 2016, VR technology has come a long way, and the industry is now largely dominated by all-in-one headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, giving players lightweight, wireless freedom while they’re busy flailing their arms around like one of those inflatable tube guys. In comparison, the PSVR, while still not uncomfortable to wear, has certainly slipped down the rankings a bit compared to its rivals.

For the PlayStation VR 2, Sony needs to focus on what made its original headset so darn comfy. The generously-padded band, the general construction and design that helped evenly distribute the weight across your head, so your face didn’t feel like it was being forced down by the weighty screen. The adjustable wheel to tighten the band and the button to adjust the distance of the display from your eyes — particularly handy for those wearing glasses.

Combining all of this design genius with lightweight components and design philosophies will ensure that the PSVR 2 cements itself back near the top of the pack for comfort.

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