How to Do Lobbed Through Balls in EA FC 24

How to Do Lobbed Through Balls in EA FC 24

Get behind the defense with this gem of a pass.

Finding new ways of getting behind the defense is a conundrum that has confounded managers and tacticians in the footballing world since the sport was first established. Whether it be a low block, a high-pressing team, or anything in between, there are no winners when goals can’t be scored. As such, having a good pass in the arsenal to unlock the defense can mean a world of difference. This guide on how to do Lobbed Through Balls in EA FC 24 will ensure you have that weapon to count on.

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Using Lobbed Through Passes in EA FC 24

Thankfully, this particular pass has remained the same for almost all the modern entries in the long-running franchise. In EA FC 24, players can play a Lobbed Through Pass by simply holding L1/LB and using Triangle/Y to determine the power of the pass.

Using Lobbed Through Passes in EA FC 24
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As is with most things in a football game, technique, position, and timing all play hugely important roles in not just playing the pass, but also receiving it in a good position to do the most damage to the opposition.

When to Use Lobbed Through Balls in EA FC 24

This should be common knowledge to veteran players by now, but for newcomers, this particular pass is great for punishing defenses that push too high and leave much space behind for your runners. An excellent way to ensure that a Lobbed Through Ball makes it to a teammate is to have space, which can be achieved by using a one-two and luring the defender out of position.

Having a speedy winger or a striker with great acceleration will make such passes a potent tool for attacking, so always remember to look out for windows to use the pass to devastating effect.

That’s everything there’s to know about how to do Lobbed Through Balls in EA FC 24. For more help, be sure to check out our guides on Champs Rewards or how to use low crosses. Otherwise, there’s more related content below to read about the game.

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