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Destiny 2: Lightfall May Have Made False Promises, & Players Are Not Happy

The Witness is watching you, Bungie

Reddit user u/MelonMiner1 pointed out some problems with the Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion that they argue is false advertising and proof that developers cut content. The problem? Weapons and weapon models are both in the game and advertised as part of the game.

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According to u/MelonMiner1, the backsplash for the campaign in-game shows characters with weapons that haven’t made their way into the game yet. This includes an LMG, a rocket launcher, and a hand cannon that haven’t been seen in-game, which some find incredibly weird and inconsistent to past Destiny 2 expansions. Promotional art and even trailers for Destiny 2 Lightfall also included weapons that aren’t in the game yet.

The same user pointed out that the new weapons aren’t even new. The weapon models are the same as past weapons, particularly the Season of the Lost weapons and a few others. User u/MelonMiner explained that this hadn’t happened in Destiny 2’s history since Season of the Undying, which was released in late 2019.

While u/MelonMiner1 believed that these are supposed to be the Neomuna weapons, others felt like these could be raid weapons that are coming later in the expansion. However, the user still felt concerned about the state of Destiny 2 for the way it chose to advertise weapons that aren’t in the game on release.

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Some have hopes that raids will include these weapons and fix the confusing campaign. The new raid, called The Root of Nightmares, will be released on March 10, 2023.

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