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Should You Choose Jago or Bennett to Lead Dogtown in Phantom Liberty

Time to fill in a dangerous power vacuum.

Should You Choose Jago or Bennett to Lead Dogtown in Phantom Liberty
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After a major story moment, Dogtown will be left without a leader. Mr. Hands sees an opportunity in this and sends you out (in disguise) to influence the new choice for leader. While he wants someone specific, you are still free to put a little V magic into it and make your own choice between Jago or Bennett.

Run This Town Dogtown Leader Choice

Regardless of how you handled the first part of this quest by making Jago back down, you will still end up with a choice to make. There’s no need to worry about either option failing the quest, as you will get the Spin Doctor achievement/trophy no matter how this shakes out.

The biggest moment to choose will come after you have convinced Jago to give Bennett all his contacts and sources. Bennett will signal to his guys to kill the bodyguards before pulling his gun on Jago. You can either choose to let Bennett shoot Jago or to shoot Bennett yourself. You will need to have at least 11 points in Reflexes to be able to shoot Bennett.

Bennett or Jago Choice Moment
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Picking Bennett

If you choose to let Bennett shoot Jago, you will be free to leave the wake and the Black Sapphire. Once outside, you’ll remove the disguise, and an announcement will play over the PA system about Bennett being the new person giving the orders in Dogtown.

Once you call Mr. Hands, he is surprised at the turn of events but is pleased that Jago’s contacts were handed over. The call ends with you both on very good terms, and you get the full amount of cash.

Picking Jago

If you shoot Bennett, the crowd riles up a little bit but settles. As Jago lived, you will be given 8,000 Eurodollars as a retainer for Aguilar’s services. You also get a little Street Cred and XP for that choice.

Also, on the way out of the Black Sapphire, there was a box with some Tier 5 weapons and schematics to loot that didn’t exist in the Bennett pick.

Black Sapphire Loot Box
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As expected, Mr. Hands is extremely displeased. You will only get a fraction of the reward at 6,000 Eurodollars, but the extra from Jago will offset some of that loss. This won’t have any long-term effects, though, so it doesn’t matter if he is angry at the end of this one quest.

Which Is Best?

Considering the extra XP, Street Cred, and potential loot box, Jago is the better option. This won’t have any sort of continued consequences, most likely, so the important thing is which choice ends with better stuff.

This concludes the Run This Town quest, and now that either Jago or Bennett is the leader, you can get back to the main Phantom Liberty storyline. For more quest and choice guides, check out our links below.

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