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How to Pass Hansen’s Interrogation in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

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How to Answer Hansen’s Questions in Firestarter Quest in Phantom Liberty
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During the Firestarter main quest in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, V and Alex will disguise themselves as Aymeric and Aurore to rescue Songbird. Unfortunately, Kurt Hansen is quite paranoid, and he will interrogate you when you arrive at the stadium. Here are the correct answers to Hansen’s questions.

How to Answer Hansen’s Questions in Firestarter Quest in Phantom Liberty

The type of questions Hansen will ask will depend on whether you’re disguised as Aymeric or Aurore. I highly recommend reading the details about the twins several times to ensure you understand their characters.


  • Think I’m lying? – I said nothing of the sort.
  • Did you enjoy yourself at the Sapphire? – Answer based on whether or not the siblings won during the last round at the casino.
  • What rare gem brought you halfway around the world? – A Porsche 911.
  • A symbolic drink – Reject the alcohol.
  • How did you wriggle out of the contract? – I don’t remember.


  • Why are you hungover? – It was an accident.
  • To a successful day of business. – Accept the drink.
  • Did you enjoy yourself at the Sapphire? – Depends on whether or not you won at the casino.
  • We have a mutual friend from your time in prison – What friend?
  • Raquel. Asked me to say hello. – We were in different blocks.
  • You asked me to contact a certain fashion typeRemind me who? – Kerry Eurodyne’s tailor.
  • I need an in with La Collectif – Impossible.
Hansen's interrogation in Phantom Liberty.
Image Credit: CD Projekt Red via Twinfinite

If you give two wrong answers, Hansen will become suspicious and immediately kill you and Alex. However, if you’ve invested enough points in the Cool attribute, you can weasel your way out of death’s door.

After you pass Hansen’s interrogation in Phantom Liberty, Songbird will enter the room, and you’ll help her obtain the Neural Matrix. At this point, you’ll be given two choices that will lead you to two different questline branches. One of them will eventually grant you the new ending, where V survives.

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