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Skateboard Race Simulator Codes

Using codes is like strapping a rocket to your skateboard.

Skateboard Race Simulator is about as simple as you can get on Roblox: you, with your trusty board, try to gain as much speed as possible. You can train, race others, and even collect pets for speed bonuses.

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Naturally, you can also take advantage of Skateboard Race Simulator codes for free items!

All Available Codes in Skateboard Race Simulator

Skateboard Race Simulator has some fairly good items to collect for free this time around. Mostly new players will find these useful, like the extra speed, but the boost potions are great for even experienced players.

  • Skateboard: x2 Double Wins Boost Potions
  • Release: +100 Speed and a x2 Double Speed Boost Potions
  • MxB Games: +250 Speed (must join their Roblox group to redeem)
  • Party: x2 Double Speed Boost Potions

In order to collect the code ‘MxB Games,’ you’ll need to first join the MxB Games Roblox group. After you join, restart Roblox, log back into Skateboard Race Simulator, then redeem!

Every Expired Code in Skateboard Race Simulator

Seeing as Skateboard Race Simulator is a fairly young Roblox game, none of its codes have expired just yet, but that’ll change soon. Codes last, on average, about a month and the game is about to turn a month old.

  • No codes have expired

How to Redeem Roblox Codes In-Game

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Like many Roblox games, Skateboard Race Simulator has a dedicated page for redeeming free rewards. However, there are also nearly a dozen other buttons that make the UI very disorienting to look at so you might miss it the first time through. We can help you find it:

  1. Launch Roblox and join Skateboard Race Simulator.
  2. On the right hand side, select the Codes button, the button with ‘ABX’ printing on it.
  3. In the blank text box, type in the desired code. Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spelling does.

Can You Earn Free Rewards in Skateboard Race Simulator?

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Yes, you can! There are multiple ways to earn free rewards that aren’t related to codes. On the right-hand side, there is a daily login reward, free gifts you can collect after staying in-game for a specific amount of time, and a free spin every 12 hours.

Additionally, the Skateboard Race Simulator developers will hand out free pets, which you can only collect after you’ve played for a bit!

With that said, that’s everything you need to know about Skateboard Race Simulator codes. Be sure to check out our other code guides here at Twinfinite!

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