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MW3’s New Aftermarket Parts Feature Will Revitalize Maxed-Out Weapons in the Gunsmith

A old dog can really learn some new tricks.

Jak Ferocity Gun in Modern Warfare 3
Image Source: Activision

Every Call of Duty player typically takes a liking to a particular gun, whether it be the classic Assault Rifle or dynamic SMG. However, once you reach the maximum level of the weapon, the loadout is reasonably limited to a certain amount of attachments, often leading you to try out a new gun just for the sake of new content.

Fortunately, Modern Warfare 3’s Aftermarket Parts will bring a new life to these somewhat dull weapons, where players can get their hands on exclusive attachments from the latest Conversion Kits. This feature could essentially introduce an entirely different blueprint from the weapon’s original version, allowing you to return to past guns you may have forgotten.

Nick Carraro, Sledgehammer Games’ Systems Designer, indicates that it is a “remix for the guns” once players complete enough in-game challenges for the tool’s maximum level. As a result, you can access the Aftermarket Parts via the Conversion Kits to expand your weapon in ways you would never imagine.

For example, you can unlock the WSP Swarm with Akimbo Brace Stocks through the preseason’s weekly challenges, allowing you to hold two WSP Swarms in your hands. This kit is perfect for those who enjoy full-frontal attacks thanks to its rapid-fire rate. Players can also earn the Bullpup kit for a heavy, light-machine gun to help with mobility, given that these weapons are relatively hard to move around.

WSP Swarmwith Akimbo Brace Stocks in MW3
Image Source: Activision

While the Gunsmith more or less functions the same way as previous versions (with the exception of the Aftermarket Parts), you can expect some new changes in the system. One of the most significant alterations is the attachment unlocks that will no longer require you to advance in levels with a specific gun. Thus, players don’t have to go through the hassle of completing challenges for guns individually, as the attachment will be available for various weapons once unlocked.

Optic attachments have also been adjusted for a more user-friendly experience with a new 1x zoom Optic that won’t hinder your Aim Down Sight speed.

The Aftermarket Parts will be available during the Beta testing, including additional kits that may be better suited for your playstyle. The upcoming feature will most likely be more polished with the official release on Nov. 10, 2023., but you can at least try to familiarize yourself with the latest system before its launch.

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