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MW2 & Warzone 2 Leaker Claims All Time Great AR Will Return With Season 3

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Call of Duty

MW2 & Warzone 2 Leaker Claims All Time Great AR Will Return With Season 3

Did someone call for a fast-firing AR?

Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 fans will undoubtedly be expecting more weapons to drop with future updates. It’s become the established formula in the Call of Duty world, with original weapons and CoD classics alike being reincarnated.

Season Two Reloaded brought the Tempus Torrent AR and, with Season Three rapidly approaching, fans are getting their first proper idea of what could come with that update – and the ones after.

Twitter account ‘Task Force Leakers 141’, in a March 27 post, claimed to reveal all future weapons coming to Modern Warfare 2 during its life-cycle.

Among other weapons, they claimed that the fan-favorite FAMAS assault rifle – which has featured under various names and guises across the CoD series – will make a return. Specifically, it will re-enter the fray as the FR 5.56 in Season 3.

That’s the same name it possessed in Modern Warfare 2019, when it was a burst-fire assault rifle that possessed strong damage but slightly too much kick and burst delay to ever outperform the strongest weapons.

It’s also returned in other CoD titles – like Black Ops 3 when it came back fully automatic and as the ‘FFAR’. Because this will be an Infinity Ward version of the FAMAS, a burst-fire version does seem most likely.

The leaker also claimed to reveal a list of weapons chalked to return to MW2 (and therefore Warzone 2) in the future. It includes another sword, Kali Sticks and a series of weapons with largely unfamiliar names.

For now, it’s worth taking the leaks with a major pinch of salt. The leaker’s track record is not especially clear and, even if the information is currently accurate, much can change in game development so there’s no guarantee that what’s being worked on now will ever see the light of day.

Regardless, the FAMAS returning would certainly please some veterans of the CoD series.

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