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Every Warzone DMZ Season 4 Reloaded Change: Full Extraction Mode Patch Notes

Reload and extract.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, like the major updates before it, has also changed large amounts in DMZ, CoD’s newish extraction mode. Here are the full DMZ patch notes for Season 4 Reloaded.

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We already had some idea of what DMZ could expect in Season 4 Reloaded, with Activision’s update overview detailing some changes.

The ‘Plea for Help’ mechanic, which lets players join squads that have just vanquished them, will be receiving tweaks, as will contracts that allow a squad to hunt an enemy. There’s also a new Temp V Field Upgrade straight out of The Boys, which has split the DMZ player base to some degree.

Either way, we now have full information on what S4R will look like in DMZ, with Activision revealing exhaustive patch notes on July 12. Among the standout changes are Plea for Help changes and an overhaul to players hunting other players, both of which will shake up DMZ matches considerably.

Below, courtesy of the devs themselves, check out the full DMZ patch notes for Season 4 Reloaded:


  • There are reports of a new enemy force attempting to infiltrate Building 21. Proceed with caution, Operators…
  • Temp V has arrived! Read more about this in the Warzone section above. Effects are limited in DMZ (such as no Charge Jump) and increased scarcity on the map versus Battle Royale.


  • Players can now see the progress they’ve made on their Upgrade Missions in the After Action Report
  • Increased the time to Plea for Help to 20 seconds from 15 after your squad has been eliminated
  • The Plea for Help timer that triggers after you are the last Player on a squad eliminated will now pause while holding down the plea button

Plea for Help and Assimilation

  • When reviving someone who is pleading, the Player who was pleading will no longer auto-join the reviver’s team
  • There will be a 30 second grace period after a Player is revived, where the reviver’s team will not be able to damage the Player who was pleading
  • After reviving, the reviver will be given a prompt to invite the revived Player to their team
  • The ‘Plea for Help’ and ‘Loot’ prompts are now separate:
  • The ‘Plea for Help’ revive prompt is on the Player’s body, and the ‘Loot’ prompt is on the Backpack like normal
  • Looting the Player first will not disable the Plea option
  • Created a direct assimilation function to only send a request to one person.
  • The team who killed the Player that is pleading will no longer be able to accept their plea request and then revive. This prevents killing to force assimilation.

Players Hunting Players

If a Player and their Squad kill too many Players in DMZ, that high-kill individual Player will be issued a warning. If they kill another Player, they can expect a Bounty on their head. Enemy Operators in the Exclusion Zone will then recieve intel on your position to secure a reward upon completion.

  • Killing a Player with a Bounty will award everyone in the squad $10,000
  • This Bounty is not active in Building 21 or the Koschei Complex


  • Fixed doors on Hostage Rescue Contract buildings being locked if the Contract ends
  • Fixed an issue where the hostage in Hostage Rescue Contract was not dropping to the ground properly when the Player carrying the hostage was struck or killed with Equipment
  • Fixing incorrect items being listed in the Upgrades Menu
  • Fixed the train safe not tracking for the purposes of the Demolitions Mission
  • Fixed the Icebreaker Mission tracking for the items being placed in any Dead Drop instead of the specified one
  • Fixed the False Alarm Mission being able to be completed in maps besides Al Mazrah
  • Fixed the Strike Team Mission not counting the kill if the Player was standing on top of a vehicle
  • Fixed a number of issues affecting Mission descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where completed urgent Missions were not resetting on subsequent days
  • Fixed an issue where the Mission title was sometimes missing from the mission timer
  • Fixed an issue where extracted items sometimes weren’t unlocked correctly
  • Fixed a problem with Missions that require the Player to infil into Koschei Complex
  • Fixed an issue where Barter items weren’t unlocked correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the container for the Secure Nuclear Material would not be usable after one Player empties it
  • Fixed an issue where the Phalanx Tier 4 Fearless Mission was not checking if other teammates were carrying the Weapon Case
  • Fixed an issue where some Blueprints were showing as placeholder images in the After Action Report when extracting from DMZ
  • Fixed an issue where “The Fear in Your Eyes” challenge was not tracking Throwing Star kills

That’s everything there is to say about Warzone DMZ Season 4 Reloaded. Check out all the related content below for everything else CoD’s awesome extraction mode.

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