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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty First Boss Cheese

Image Credit: Koei Tecmo

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty First Boss Cheese

Why work hard when you can work smart?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features various tough bosses that may even make some veteran Dark Souls players grit their teeth. The developer does not pull their punches when designing the first boss fight in the game, and it’s not hard to find people complaining about the difficulty online. However, it may be possible for you to cheese Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang boss fight and this guide can tell you more about it.

How to Cheese Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang Boss Fight

According to YouTuber Tyrannicon, one of the easiest ways to kill Zhang Liang in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is by equipping the White Wooden Cudgel. It is considered one of the best early weapons in the game due to its ability to grant Spirit Points when using Light Attacks. You can get the Wooden Cudgel by beating the mini-boss soldier who guards the last Battle Flag before the boss arena.

The second tool you need in your arsenal is the Inner Breath ability, which will increase the accumulation rate of the Divine Beast Gauge for a limited amount of time. You can unlock this Wizardry Spell by reaching level four in Wood Virtue.

Phase One

Wo Long Zhang Liang First Phase
Image Credit: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

When the battle starts, run behind Zhang Liang immediately and launch your Light Attacks. You must keep attacking until the boss starts blocking. After that, hit him with a single Spirit Attack, which will break his guard.

Next, you must use your weapon’s Martial Art ability by pressing RB+X or R1+Square. Keep repeating this attack pattern until you manage to deplete all of Zhang Liang’s HP and trigger his second phase.

Phase Two

Wo Long Zhang Liang Second Phase
Image Credit: Koei Tecmo via Twinfinite

Once the second phase begins, you must cast the Inner Breath spell and then try to bait Zhang Liang into performing his long-range Critical Attack move. You must deflect his demonic’s arm strike and launch a counterattack.

With the Wood Virtue skill active, your Divine Beast Gauge should fill up instantly, allowing you to finish the battle. If you don’t know already, you can call a Divine Beast by pressing Y+B or Triangle+Circle.

So, that is the end of our guide on how to cheese Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liang boss fight. Before leaving, be sure to check out other Wo Long articles below.

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