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Who Was the Killer(s) in Every Scream? Answered

Scream VI Review - Ghostface Takes Manhattan
Image Source: Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group

Who Was the Killer(s) in Every Scream? Answered

Surprise, Sidney!

***Spoilers for Every Scream Movie Below***

The Scream franchise has been both scaring audiences and making them laugh at the horror genre since 1996 when Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson invented the beloved horror franchise. Unlike other slasher movies, though, every Scream installment has a major mystery of who sports the iconic Ghostface mask. So, if you’re curious about who exactly is the Ghostface killer in every Scream movie, you have come to the right place, as Twinfinite has the answer for you right here.

Who Was the Killer(s) in Scream (1996)?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Image via Dimension Films

Billy Loomis and Stu Macher were the killers in Scream (1996). As the two original Ghostface killers, they have some of the more simple motives out of the twelve main killers of the franchise. For Billy, his decision to become Ghostface was because he found out that his dad had an affair with Sidney’s mom, which led to his mother abandoning him.

This resulted in him teaming up with Stu and killing Maureen Prescott, with the two deciding to start up the killings once again around the anniversary of the first murder.

When it comes to Stu, Scream doesn’t give a ton of explanation as to why he has decided to team up with Billy, other than the fact that he is mentally unstable and apparently succumbed to his partner’s peer pressure.

The opening kill of Casey and Steve was almost certainly Stu’s idea, though, as it is revealed pretty early on in the movie that Stu used to date Casey. Hence, he is likely the one who decided that his ex needed to die for going out with another guy.

Who Was the Killer(s) Scream 2?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Image via Dimension Films

Debbie Salt, aka Nancy Loomis, and Mickey Altieri were the killers in Scream 2. Nancy Loomis, like her son, has a pretty simple motive; as she would put it, she wants “good old-fashioned revenge.” Mrs. Loomis is the mother who left Billy and Mr. Loomis behind after finding out about her husband’s affair with Maureen Prescott.

It seems that she had a psychotic break once she heard about her son’s death, though, leading her to track Sidney to college and try to kill her and the other Woodsboro survivors. In her effort to kill Sidney, Nancy Loomis discovered Mickey online, who she mentored and got to perform the murders alongside.

It was seemingly Mickey’s idea to do the grander scale killings and murder more students at the school than was necessary for Mrs. Loomis’ plans, which she went along with as it got her closer to her end goal. Mickey planned to become famous and blame all of his actions on the movie industry; however, this wasn’t what Nancy wanted, so she killed him before he could spill the beans.

Who Was the Killer in Scream 3?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Image via Dimension Films

Roman Bridger was the killer of Scream 3. Out of all of the Ghostfaces, he undoubtedly has the most convoluted backstory and reasoning for taking up the mask. Scream 3 reveals that Maureen Prescott had spent some time in Hollywood as an actress and was forced to have sex with famous producer John Milton in order to further her career.

However, trouble struck when she ended up getting pregnant with Milton’s baby and had to leave Hollywood, with the kid turning out to be Roman. Years later, Bridger discovered who his birth mom was and was upset to learn that Maureen didn’t want him because he was born of rape, with her wanting only to be a mother to his half-sister, Sidney.

In return, Roman discovered that his mom was sleeping around town, so he decided to go to Billy as his father was, of course, one of the affairs. Roman reveals that Billy and Stu didn’t act alone in the murder of Maureen Prescott, as he was also there participating.

Bridger then goes on to work in Hollywood, getting himself involved in the making of Stab 3 and killing the cast to get Sidney out of hiding so that he could achieve his revenge.

Who Was the Killer(s) in Scream 4?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Image via Paramount Plus

Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker were the killers of Scream 4. The two of them started up the Ghostface murders once again, this time in 2011, in an effort to become instant celebrities. Sidney’s cousin Jill was jealous of the fame and fortune that has come her cousin’s way due to the previous three installments, so she decides to start enacting the murders, of which she will come out the other side as the only survivor.

Roberts teams up with cinema nerd and fellow student Charlie, promising him a relationship in return for him performing most of Scream 4’s kills, with her claiming that they will come out of the murder spree as the survivors.

Although Jill had other plans as she kills Charlie to frame him alongside her ex-boyfriend Trevor as the two Ghostface killers. She does this in large part because she believes that she will be more famous if she comes out of the situation as the “sole survivor.”

Who Was the Killer(s) in Scream (2022)?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Image via Paramount Plus

Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman are the killers in Scream (2022). The duo who are Stab fanatics, decide to perform the killings eleven years after Jill and Charlie’s stint as Ghostface, with the two going after Billy Loomis’ illegitimate daughter, Sam, to inspire the perfect installment to their favorite franchise.

Richie was an incredibly passionate fan of the Stab movies, with him becoming upset over the state of the brand. This caused him to go online and meet another fan, Amber Freeman, who became a fan after discovering she lived in Stu Macher’s house.

Both Richie and Amber discussed their disdain for the recent Stab entry, which resulted in the two of them coming up with their own idea for the franchise. After the duo discovered Sam, they came to the realization that she would be the perfect person to pin a new murder spree on, which would perfectly follow the “requel” format.

Richie starts dating Sam to become closer to her, while Amber begins targeting previous people involved in the Ghostface killings, along with their relatives.

Who Was the Killer(s) in Scream 6?

Who Was the Killer in Every Scream? Answered
Dermot Mulroney (“Detective Bailey “) stars in Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group’s “Scream VI.”

Wayne, Quinn, and Ethan Bailey are the killers in Scream VI. The Baileys, also known as the Kirschs, make up the franchise’s first clear trio of Ghostface killers.

In Scream VI, Wayne Bailey was a police detective who moved to New York City in an effort to get revenge on Sam Carpenter, who was responsible for the death of his eldest son Richie, the previous film’s killer. He then goes on to enlist the aid of his two living children, Quinn and Ethan, with the father successfully getting Quinn to be Sam’s roommate and Ethan Chad’s roommate so that the family was infiltrated into all sides of the 2022 Woodsboro survivors.

Richie’s three relatives then ingratiated themselves into the lives of the Core Four, with them waiting until the right time to strike. Once the Baileys find out about Jason and Greg, two wannabe Ghostfaces, the family kills the pair and decides to enact their revenge plan for Richie’s death.

That is everything you need to know about who is the killer in all of the Scream movies. For more coverage on the beloved horror franchise, keep an eye on Twinfinite, with some of the said coverage even included down below.

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