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Sons of the Forest Is as Beautiful as It Is Terrifying

Sons of the Forest Beauty Feature
Image Source: Endnight

Sons of the Forest Is as Beautiful as It Is Terrifying

There is beauty in its horror.

Graphically speaking, there is no denying the beauty of Sons of the Forest. The recently released sequel to The Forest has brought with it a major change to the dreary, scary woods, putting players in an environment that is so stunning some may momentarily forget that the premise of the game centers around terrifying mutant cannibals and not a walk through some scenic woods. With the addition of photo-realistic reflection, passing seasons, and different areas on the island that house different little ecosystems, it is difficult to not find enjoyment in the more simple elements of gameplay, from the long-distance walking to the sledding down snowy hills.

The first thing that many players will notice is the water. The reflection quality, the droplets of rain, the wet coat over the world after stormy weather… it all makes you feel as though you are truly traversing an untouched land that is only enhanced by the rainfall. When you look at the sea, you can see the sun spilling onto it from different angles. If you look at smaller, freshwater bodies you will instead see right into the pristine streams or lakes. There are different types of turtles depending on the kind of water they inhabit, and fish visibly swim around.

Sons of the Forest landscapes
Image Source: Twinfinite via Endnight

Animals can be found all over, from the water as the turtles are to the woods where the deer roam. The flora is beautiful, of course, but the fauna adds the perfect touch to it. Snowy-white rabbits roam the mountains while chestnut squirrels search for food underneath the canopy of woodland trees. You can encounter birds, does, and even moose. While there is a sense of loneliness without other non-mutant humans on the island, life is supplemented by animals and nature. This just adds to the peaceful environment (aside from the cannibal camps, of course) and makes daytime exploration even more relaxing.

The animals also serve as a good source of food and a good distraction from the harsh reality that the protagonist finds himself in. You can take time to focus on survival in a more realistic sense, building houses, and walls or hunting animals. These are the elements of the genre that make such games a method of unwinding and much of your gameplay can be spent like this.

Sons of the Forest landscapes
Image Source: Twinfinite via Endnight

Seasons function as the icing atop the scenic cake as they add to the beauty of the island. Winters bring soft, fallen snow that satisfyingly crunches beneath your feet as you walk through it. You can turn back and see your footprints track behind you for miles. The once-running waters freeze over and crack beneath the weight of your body as you tread across it. As spring comes around, rain pours down and gently washes the white away to make room for flowers and greenery. Summer then brings a brighter sun and autumn rolls in to paint the world beautiful shades of orange in red.

So much time throughout each season can be spent sitting back and simply taking screenshots, or building treehouses and towers to overlook the island’s stunning landscapes. There are items that make traversing the map fun seasonally as well, from the sled that you can speed down hills on during the winter or the golf courses you can play with friends on when warmer seasons come around.

Sons of the Forest landscapes
Image Source: Twinfinite via Endnight

While Sons of the Forest is intentionally frightening and plentiful in its abundance of hungry mutants, it is impossible to ignore how breathtaking the island and its other inhabitants are. Between combat and crafting, the core of the game lies within its exploration and that very exploration is enhanced by the sheer beauty of the land (and water). Sons of the Forest has definitely seen a jump in quality from its predecessor, especially when regarding it graphically.

Its horror aspects do not fall short, either. Beauty can be found within the horror as it adds to the need to survive itself. While hunting, fishing, and building are all peaceful elements that tie into survival, the need to be aware of possible dangers is just as significant and does not necessarily need to be stressful. Instead, it can feel essential to the survival experience.

The vivid blood stains marking a cave’s walls or acting as paths along the forest ground are a good example of this, as are the ambient sounds themselves. Along with a bird’s chirps, you can hear leaves crunching nearby and calls from the other humanoid creatures inhabiting the island. These things do not have to take away from one’s enjoyment; they can add to it by producing a well-rounded survival experience.

If you are looking for a gameplay experience that can be either peaceful or stressful, definitely have a look at Sons of the Forest. Its reputation tends to lie in its horror rather than its exploration and survival, but all features deserve recognition. You can also have a look below for some related articles and similar content or head to Twinfinite’s home page for more gaming guides and news.

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