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Sentinels’ SicK Has Been Arrested; Here’s What Could Happen Next

Sentinels SicK
Image Source: Riot Games

Sentinels’ SicK Has Been Arrested; Here’s What Could Happen Next

SicK was arrested for criminal trespassing.

As reported by George Geddes of Dot Esports, former Sentinels starter turned substitute, Hunter “SicK” Mims has found himself in jail. This follows an incident with a local car dealership as SicK refused to leave the premises.

The news of the incident comes days after SicK tweeted out that he was at the dealership in question. In a deleted video, SicK could be heard arguing with employees at said dealership, which ultimately led to his appearance in jail. He’s being charged with a Class B misdemeanor, and he has yet to be released from prison, according to Dot Esports, with a fine of up to $2000 or a jail term of 180 days serving as his punishment.

Since last year, SicK has been dealing with mental health-related issues, which led to him stepping down from the active roster and pro play. He returned after a short break, stating he was ready to compete but hasn’t been offered a shot at competing since he stepped down. As mentioned, SicK is listed as a substitute for Sentinels and has found himself streaming Valorant quite a bit in his off time.

As for what comes next for Mims, the consequences will likely extend beyond the realm of his time in jail. As the situation is coming to light, Sentinels have yet to comment on the matter, but a statement should be coming soon detailing what comes next from the organization. Along with that, expect Riot Games to issue a statement, and a form of training or program SicK will have to complete if he truly wishes to compete at the highest levels again.

It’s a rather unfortunate situation and one that will require extreme care from both Sentinels and Riot Games. Punishments have been issued in the past, and fans are quick to raise awareness on the issues presented, so expect all eyes to be honed in on what comes next for the Sentinels pro following this situation.

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