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How to Level Up All Skills in Valheim

how to level up all skills in valheim
Image via Iron Gate Studio

How to Level Up All Skills in Valheim

Odin would be proud if you trained up your skills a bit.

If there’s any hope of surviving the trials and tribulations that Valheim puts you through, you absolutely need to improve your skills. Altogether, there are 17 skills to train, which can be generally placed into two categories: combat and survival. Whether you’re new or experienced, here’s how to level up all skills in Valheim.

How to Level Up Combat Skills in Valheim

Valheim has monsters sprouting from tree brambles and crypts with the expressed purpose of cutting you down. Whenever you wield a weapon and attack enemies with them, like an axe or polearm, you’ll gain experience towards that skill. It’s really as simple as that, so grab your weapon of choice and swing away!

  • Axes: Deal more damage with axes and reduce stamina cost.
  • Blocking: The higher your block, the more damage you absorb when blocking with a weapon or shield.
  • Bows: More damage with bows, in addition to reduced stamina cost and draw time.
  • Clubs: Deal more damage with clubs and reduce stamina cost.
  • Crossbows: Same as bows, except limited to crossbow weapons.
  • Fists: You’ll hit harder with unarmed and use less stamina, too.
  • Knives: Cause more damage with knives as well as use less stamina.
  • Polearms: Increased damage wielding polearms and reduced stamina cost.
  • Spears: It won’t cost as much stamina to stab with spears while also dealing more damage.
  • Swords: Stamina use is reduced and damage with swords is increased.
  • Blood Magic: Increases damage with Blood magic, but also reduces the Eitr and health needed to cast spells.
  • Elemental Magic: Increases damage with Elemental magic, but also reduces the Eitr needed to cast spells.

How to Level Up Survival Skills in Valheim

Survival skills are leveled up in Valheim in a way that’s near identical to your combat skills, but keep in mind that some of the following skills require a tool related to said skill. For example, to level up your pickaxe skill, you need to mine rocks and ore using only a pickaxe, such as boulders and tin.

  • Fishing: Reduces stamina drain and increases pull speed.
  • Jump: You’ll jump higher.
  • Pickaxes: Pickaxes do more damage and reduces stamina drain.
  • Riding: Mounts run faster and their stamina drains slower.
  • Run: You’ll run faster for longer periods of time.
  • Sneak: Stamina drain and stealthiness when sneaking.
  • Swim: Reduces the amount of stamina drained from swimming.
  • Wood Cutting: Trees are easier to chop down and cost less stamina per swing.

Tip and Tricks for Quickly Leveling Up Skills in Valheim

how to check your skills in valheim
Image Source: Iron Gate Studio via Twinfinite

Now that you’ve got a breakdown of every skill, let’s dive right into the nitty gritty details of leveling them up efficiently. After all, skills have a maximum level of 100, which you can keep track of in the skills menu. See that little orange bar underneath each skill, too? That’s your experience towards the next level, so let’s pump up those rookie numbers with a few of our tricks:

  • Eat stamina food in order to perform actions as much as possible before taking a break.
  • The Eikthyr skill is good for training running and jumping due to its stamina reduction for both.
  • Resting in your bed grants a massive buff to stamina regeneration (by 100%) and XP gain (by 50%), as well as health and Eitr regeneration.
  • Train your combat skills by digging ditches around enemy spawn points for you to endlessly maul.
  • Plant trees very close to one another so you don’t have to travel far.
  • Your axe and wood cutting skills don’t share XP; the former only applies to combat whereas the latter is limited to cutting trees.
  • Build a small base near large stone deposits for easy pickaxe experience…
  • And lastly, don’t die or else each skill experiences a 5% loss to its total level.

With that said and done, you’ve got everything you need to know on how to level up all skills in Valheim. It’s a pretty straightforward process that almost always relies on actually performing said skill in order to improve, like you would in real life. If you found this guide helpful, there’s all sorts of related content for Valheim using the links down below.

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