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10 Wild Hearts Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Top 10 Wild Hearts Tips and Tricks
Image Source: EA

10 Wild Hearts Tips and Tricks For Beginners

The best ways to help your hunt for the Kemono.

A new kind of hunting game is coming, and Koei Tecmo and EA’s Wild Hearts is making sure players are getting a different kind of experience when fighting against the Kemono. Not only are there huge and intimidating creatures to do battle against, but there is also the matter of using crafting mechanics to turn the turn. If you are seeking some vital tips to help you bring peace back into the world, then here are the top 10 Wild Hearts tips and tricks to set you on the right path.

By making sure players have access to more tools beyond their weapons, Wild Hearts is building on a foundation that makes the environment as important as your best equipment. There are also many other ways to gain an edge, and learning this knowledge will ensure you have a better time.

1. Playing in Co-op

Wild Hearts co-op
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

One of the best ways to go about a Kemono hunt is to rope in some friends. Getting into the co-op groove in Wild Hearts is quite easy, with several ways to do so:

  • Campfires – Resting at campfires will open up a menu to search and join other players’ multiplayer sessions, or start your own.
  • Hunters Gate – See a glowing Hunters Gate out in the wild? This will allow you to connect with other players. Interacting with it will show a list of five currently active quests that other players are on, as well as quests that are relevant to your current progress. Just make a choice and jump in.
  • Request Assistance – When selecting a quest or hunt from the map, you will have the option to request for assistance. Players online can choose to answer the call and join your hunt, or if there is already someone on the same quest, you will be dropped into their game instead.

Co-op will be available not just on your own platform, but across others as well, thanks to the cross-play functionality in Wild Hearts. This means hunters on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC can play together at any time.

2. Looking Out for One Another

With more people alongside you, it doesn’t mean that you can go about doing whatever you want. Teamwork makes the dream work, and it is always important to keep an eye out for your allies whenever possible. This means helping out when using Karakuri, or joining in a damaging attack phase with your trusted weapon.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to revive them when they are down. Doing so before the timer runs out means you do not expend one of the limited chances allotted for the hunt, and no need to waste time respawning at camp as well.

3. Lethal Experimentation

Wild Hearts Weapons
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Wild Hearts boasts eight different weapon types for players to choose from once you are into the second chapter, and each plays differently just like a character class. By trying out the various weapons, switching between them, or combining with other players, you will be better equipped to see what suits you.

The Karakuri Katana is a dependable option for those that like swordplay, while the Maul goes all in for damage at the expense of speed. The Bladed Wagasa is an interesting close-range weapon that is extremely fast, and using the Claw Blade means you can move around the battlefield like no other. The choices are many, and since the initial cost to forge the basic versions are low, it pays to give them all a try before settling on your prime choices.

4. Unlocking Dragon Pits

Wild Hearts Hunting Towers
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

While Karakuri will expand the options hunters have both in battle and in camp, they are not meant to be built without consideration. For useful Karakuri structures outside of battle, it will require the unlocking of Dragon Pits that can be found across each map.

The initial unlocking of a Dragon Pit will allow for the placement of basic amenities like a camping tent and campfire, but to construct more complicated structures like a beacon means powering them up with crystals and other resources obtained from the hunt. Always remember to see if you can invest, as it will give you more room to manoeuvre for future hunts.

5. Eating the Right Stuff

Wild Hearts Food
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

A hunter does not depend just on their equipment alone, as eating the right food in Wild Hearts can lead to some interesting and beneficial buffs. Food items can offer a variety of bonuses, from health boosts to elemental resistance, and it is always recommended that you have a meal before every hunt. Knowing what kind of Kemono you are hunting will also help guide your food choices.

In the early game, it is likely you will have to depend on raw food, but eventually, more Karakuri will come into play allowing for the making of better meals. Whenever you can, get those smokers and drying racks out for maximum benefit.

6. Master the Hunter’s Arm

Wild Hearts Hunter's Arm
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

During battles against the Kemono, it will be a bad time to run out of Celestial Thread that is used when constructing Karakuri. While you can build up a healthy supply from interacting with certain objects in the world, being in combat makes it much more difficult.

This is where the Hunter’s Arm comes into play. Focusing damage on glowing blue spots on the Kemono will cause a wound to open up that can be exploited. Climb onto the Kemono and utilize your Hunter’s Arm to draw Celestial Thread past your usual carrying limit, and keep the fight going. This is also the best way to obtain powerful Talismans, which can provide passive perks to help you even further.

7. Hunt Down Tsukumo

Wild Hearts Tsukumo
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

For players not into fighting alongside other human players, Wild Hearts also provides another option in the form of Tsukumo. These spherical creatures are scattered all over Azuma, and finding as many as possible gives you more ways to tailor your playstyle.

The more Tsukumo found, the higher your Celestial Thread capacity is, and upgrading them will improve their functions in combat, be it in providing better defense, offense, or occasionally replenishing your Celestial Thread supply. Once you have the Karakuri upgrade that enhances Hunting Towers to track Tsukumo, it will become an easier task to track them down.

8. Bathtime

Taking a break is always recommended when you are doing backbreaking work like hunting Kemono, but the bathhouses you find in Wild Hearts are not just for that. Anytime you are able to gather the necessary resources to develop such restorative baths, you should make it a priority.

This is because they will grant permanent health boosts each time you do so, ensuring that you have more of a fighting chance against even the toughest of opponents out in the wild.

9. Guild of Fishermen

Wild Hearts Nobumitsu
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Once players have reached Minato and the world begins to open up even more, there will be much to accomplish. Of course, it is even better if you are getting rewarded for doing the things that are part of the gameplay experience, so make sure to visit the Guild of Fishermen at the Wharf to pick up quests from Nobumitsu.

Gaining progress and getting rewarded sure sounds like a good use of your time.

10. Karakuri Mix

Wild Hearts Karakuri
Image Source: EA via Twinfinite

Similarly, progress in Wild Hearts will see more and more Karakuri options become available to the player, and it might be tempting not to get too deep into things. However, it will be a grave mistake just depending on a single loadout of basic Karakuri.

With four slots to choose from, rotate different options and start experimenting with combinations, you just might be able to discover a lethal combination that can make the hardiest of Kemono more manageable.

Now that you are more well-versed in the ways of the Kemono, thanks to these top 10 Wild Hearts tips and tricks, the time to hunt is now. Be sure to check out other related content below, and should you need more help, please search Twinfinite.

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