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Top 10 Cards To Pull From Digimon TCG Dimensional Phase BT-11

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Top 10 Cards To Pull From Digimon TCG Dimensional Phase BT-11

The new Digimon BT-11 set Dimensional Phase is here and these are the top 10 cards!

The hype is high for this new Digimon TCG booster set, so if you’re ready to open up booster boxes and crack open packs, you’ll need to know the top 10 cards to pull from Digimon TCG Dimensional Phase BT-11. These are the most desirable and rarest cards due to their fantastic parallel art versions, stunning gold treatments, fan support, and powerful gameplay abilities.

10. Mirei (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Mirei is a tamer who’s in charge of the digital monster laboratory in the anime. This card features attractive artwork with some stylish fashion and adorable Digimon hanging out in the background. 

Although not seeing widespread play in Japan, it does have generous abilities to give you one memory each turn, and it can let you free-play an Angewoman or Ladydevimon if you Digivolve. It’s a great card that will be a must-have for fans who want to play a thematic deck based around Mirei and archangels.

9. Angewoman (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

This parallel art has a fantastic design with Angewoman and her tamer Mirei looking out into the distance. It looks like a cinematic scene from an anime movie, especially with the way it covers the full space of the card.

Mastamon decks are seeing a resurgence with new cards that support their builds, and this card is an example of that. Blocking is still an uncommon ability in the game, and this game adds that defensive element to archangel decks with an inherited effect that gives all your angels the blocker ability.

8. Mervamon (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Mervamon is part of the Olympos XII and is the evolution of Minervamon. She is a master of stylish and attractive battles with her Olympia Kai greatsword and Medullia serpent shield.

Minervamon decks are popping up in Japan based on the previous Minerva-loop decks that aim to replay cards from their trash. If you’re a fan of recursion in TCGs, this is a Digimon you want to play, making this alt-art even more sought after over the regular version.

7. Galacticmon (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Galacticmon’s history ties in with the video game Digimon World 3, as its final boss. He’s a gigantic cybernetic Digimon that looks like an advanced spacecraft. Armed with the Ragnarok Cannon, he also has large solar panels and missile silos on his body. To further highlight its size, he’s shown orbiting the earth from outer space during a cutscene.

For fans of the video game, it’s exciting to see Galactimon’s first-ever TCG appearance. The deck archetype based on this boss has a unique gimmick that allows your deck to have as many copies of Venmon in your deck as you want so you can fill up your trash with Venmons, and use them to power up your Galacticmon later. This alt-art capitalizes on giant robot mecha and will also appease fans of that genre.

6. Machinedramon (Gold Chase)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

As one of the three super gold rares in this set, this Machinedramon is going to command value for collectors outright. It might not be the most in-demand Digimon, but it still has artwork that brings about a retro feel to a character that fans of Kaiju and mecha can appreciate.

Gameplay-wise, this card isn’t going to win you games, but it does give you the chance to play another Machinedramon from your hand for free and lets you search your top 5 cards for a Cool Boy, Cyborg, or Machine to put under and power up. 

5. UlforceVeedramon (Gold Chase)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Another gold rare, this UlforceVeedramon represents a holy warrior adorned in Blue Digizoid armor and extends weapons from its V Bracelets. 

The artwork and effects on this card are fantastic and it might become more in demand as players are starting to build UlforceVeedramon decks. Although it’s a reprint of the set 2 UlforceVeedramon, it’ll be sought after by fans of this Digimon. 

4. BlackWarGreymon X Antibody (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

BlackWarGreymon is a dragon man with an edgy personality that appears as the boss of the Colossal Dungeon in the Digimon Adventure 2 video game. 

BlackwarGreymon is possibly the most powerful, if not most popular deck in the current meta, both as a fan-favorite Digimon and as a consistent winning deck. US players have the advantage of how the deck is also continuing to dominate in Japan with the newest sets, and this X Antibody variant only adds more versatility and fantastic parallel art.

3. UlforceVeedramon (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

This card shares the same traits as the above Digimon card, however, instead of being a gold reprint, it’s the parallel art of the newer UlforceVeedramon introduced in this set. The artwork has a powerful aura with UlforceVeedramon’s warrior stance, and this version features the art of Rina running in from the side of the card, once again making it look like a cinematic anime scene.

And now, it has a more powerful ability that lets you send an enemy Digimon back to its owner’s hand based on that card’s power, and the more blue tamers you have, the higher the limit. 

2. Rina (Parallel Art)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

Rina has the honor of being the first ever secret rare tamer card, and that suits her just fine since she’s also a favorite character from the video game, Digimon World Re:Digitize: Decode. 

The art on this card is subjective, but it does depict an action-packed scene. Adding to that, her tamer ability makes her the perfect match for the UlforceVeedramon deck of this set, which makes her even more desirable since UlforceVeedrom decks are becoming more popular for competitive players.

1. Mastemon (Gold Chase)

Image Source: Toei Animation via Twinfinite

The number one card to pull from a booster pack is none other that the gold foil variant reprint of Mastamon from BT-10. If you pull this, you’ll literally strike gold! The three gold cards in this set are the rarest and have the lowest print run, so that already makes them highly desirable. But Mastemon decks are waxing and waning, and are currently being played a lot, so this card will hold its incredibly high value for quite some time.

Now that you know the top 10 cards to pull from Digimon TCG Dimensional Phase BT-11, you can get to cracking open packs in hopes to pull as many of these listed cards as you can. If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you can also buy them as singles to ensure you get them into your collector binders and decks ASAP.  Also, make sure to check out our top 10 cards from the previous BT-10 Xros Encounter set, and if you’re ready to build your first deck, you can read our guide for how to upgrade the Jesmon or RagnaLoardmon Starter decks. In the meantime, keep Digivolving!

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