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Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass Showcases Inkopolis and Potential Marina Origin Story

Splatoon 3 Inkopolis
Image Source: Nintendo of America YouTube

Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass Showcases Inkopolis and Potential Marina Origin Story

The old squid-stompin’ grounds.

As part of the latest Nintendo Direct, the Splatoon 3 expansion pass was revealed, with wave one transporting Inklings to a familiar location.

Inkopolis, the Inkadian metropolis from the first two titles, is making its triumphant return. Shopkeepers will include a mix of new faces and old friends, though the actual items in-stock will be identical to those of Splatsville. Other features, including Salmon Run and the Shoal, will also operate in the same manner as they would on your home turf.

The Squid Sisters will regale fans with their trademark brand of music during Splatfests, and overall, Inkopolis provides an aesthetic change of pace from Splatsville. As the trailer states, you can “shop wherever your vibes are strongest”.

More intriguingly, the presentation ended with a stylish and mysterious preview of the second wave of DLC. Titled Side Order, this content appears to star Marina, showing her standing in a colorless environment and contemplating her life. Her iconic tentacle hair is noticeably shorter than usual, suggesting that this could cover an earlier period of her life. Or maybe she’s just being trendy. It’s hard to say with the limited footage we saw.

The Inkopolis DLC will launch in spring 2023, while Side Order’s release is yet to be announced. The Splatoon 3 expansion pass and its two waves is available to purchase later today.

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