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Only True Big Bang Theory Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Big Bang Theory
Image Source: CBS

Only True Big Bang Theory Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Can you name all these Big Bang theory side characters?

Even though the smash hit CBS television show ended back in 2019, The Big Bang Theory still remains one of the biggest sitcoms ever created.

From the loveable camaraderie of the ragtag bunch of pals at the heart of the series to the geek-speak gags that helped bring nerd culture slap bang into the mainstream zeitgeist, The Big Bang Theory was a thoroughly enjoyable turn-off-your-brain comedy that scratched that Friends-shaped itch in our souls.

With that in mind, we thought now would be a good time to put your knowledge of the uber-popular sitcom to the test. All you’ll need to do is identify these thirteen Big Bang Theory side characters from just a single image and you’re golden.

So, without further ado, dust off your Star Trek outfits, laminate those roommate agreements and come join us for Twinfinite’s latest quiz. Bazinga!

Only True Big Bang Theory Fans Can Name These Side Characters

Let's kick things off with an easy one: Who is this?
What's the name of this dermatologist?
What's the name of this doctor?
How about this guy?
Who is this?
Who is this young lady?
What's the name of this comic book store owner?
Who is this loveable chap?
Who's this?
Who is the lady on the left?
Who is this famous side character?
Who is this?
Who is the girl on the right?
What's the name of the dude on the right?

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Image Sources: Warner Bros. Television (via The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Screen Rant, The News Motion, The Delite, Hello Magazine and DNA India)

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