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How to Pick Up the Trail After the Snowstorm in Blanc

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Casus Ludi

How to Pick Up the Trail After the Snowstorm in Blanc

Snow problem at all!

After freeing the baby goats and crossing the frozen bridge, the wolf cub and baby fawn find themselves in the middle of a snowy landscape with no sign of the footprints they had been following. Here’s how to find the trail and continue the journey after the snowstorm in Blanc.

Find the Fallen Tree

Find the fallen tree to pick up the trail.
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Casus Ludi

Follow the rolling hills of the winter snowscape to the right, using the jump button to gallop and cover more ground in less time. Eventually, you’ll reach the end of the game map, where you should see a large fallen tree covered in snow. Approach the tree with the fawn to pick up the scent of the deer herd’s tracks and earn the achievement Sheltered By the Fallen Tree.

Follow the deer trail back to the left and through the woods until it intersects with the trail left by the wolf pack.

Find the Snowy Ruins

Locate the snow covered ruins to find the wolf pack's trail.
Screenshot by Twinfinite via Casus Ludi

Now that you’ve picked up the trails of both groups, you can follow them on to the next chapter, but if you want to earn all the achievements in Blanc, there’s one more thing to do first. Follow the wolf pack’s trail back to the left until you encounter the snowy ruins where they took shelter during the snowstorm. Approach the ruins to earn the Snow Covered Ruins achievement, then go back to where the two trails intersect to continue the journey to help the fawn and cub find their families.

You’ve picked up the trail after the snowstorm in Blanc, but you’re not out of the woods yet (literally or figuratively)! More helpful Blanc content, including a fluffy duckling escort mission, can be found at the links below.

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