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How Do Seasons Work in Sons of the Forest? Explained

Sons of the Forest Winter Cabin
Image Source: Endnight Games

How Do Seasons Work in Sons of the Forest? Explained

Try not to get frostbite, or bitten at all actually.

Seasons are a critical aspect of Sons of the Forest and knowing how to survive the seasons in this game is part of the survival experience. Food sources, enemy aggressiveness, and even how much you can go out and explore are affected by the seasonal weather. In order to help you make sense of seasons, this guide explains how seasons work in Sons of the Forest.

Seasons in Sons of the Forest, Explained

Sons of the Forest has the same four seasons as you would normally expect: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These Seasons last a few days, with Summer and Winter being the longest months. The physical game world also begins to change with the seasons, with Winter having snowfall and in Fall you can see orange leaves on some of the trees. There is also more daylight in Summer compared to Winter.

One of the most pronounced seasonal effects is the fact that many of the sources of food you have been relying on during Summer will be affected by the change to Winter. Salmon, for example, will be impossible to procure as the water sources you or your companion got them from freeze up. This change will begin in Fall and become most pronounced in Winter and things will begin to return to normal once Spring rolls around again.

This also means that enemies will also be desperate for food. Cannibals and Mutants will begin to get more aggressive, so you’ll need to watch out for that. In addition, your own mobility will become more limited, as you will need to keep warm during Winter and Fall, otherwise the cold will drain your stamina. Warm clothes and fire help with this, like the Winter Jacket for example.

That’s it for the explanation of how Seasons work in Sons of the Forest. If you want other useful guides on key elements for Sons of the Forest survival, stick around on Twinfinite. We have a guide on how to make rope, for example.

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