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Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location: Where to Find Graphorn Mount & Pet

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Image Source: Avalanche Studios

Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn Location: Where to Find Graphorn Mount & Pet

Where is the land of Graphorns?

Hogwarts Legacy is the video game Harry Potter fans have been waiting for their home life. They can become part of their favorite house, learn spells and walk the halls of the famous school. Learning magic and having mystical battles are not the only things they can do: they can also catch many magical beasts if they can find them. Here’s the Graphorn location in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find a mount and pet.

Where Are Graphorns Located In Hogwarts Legacy?

The map location of the Granphorns.
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

You will find the Graphorn location in Hogwarts Legacy in the southeastern corner of the map: in Clagmar Coast, the Graphorn Den. This location won’t be available until you’re playing the San Bakar’s Trial Quest, one of the last main story quests.

Once you’ve started this quest, you’ll be able to travel to the Graphorn Den. Before you can mount and pet any of these beasts, you’ll have to defeat the Lord of the Shore. Who is this lord? None other than a furious Granphorn.

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How to Defeat the Lord of the Shore in Hogwarts Legacy

The battle against a Granphorn.
Image Source: Screenshot via Avalanche Software

In this battle, this creature attacks by charging and trying to ram you, so you need to dodge when it’s coming for you by dodge rolling with Circle or B, which leaves it open for an attack. The Granphorn can withstand a lot of damage, so you must use your Ancient Magic Throw and your stronger attacking spells (Incendio, Bombarda, Confringo, and Expelliarmus) to drain its health.

Once you’ve beaten the beast in combat, you have two options:

  • Kneel – Show the creature that you’re not a threat.
  • Attack – Subjugate the creature with your might.

Regardless of your choice, the end result is that you will be able to ride the Graphorn. From then on, you can go to the Graphorn Den to capture other beasts of this species and add them to your Vivarium where you can tame them.

As with any beast, you will have to beat them every time before you can capture them. Once their energy is depleted, they will fall on its side and get back up slowly. That’s the moment to get your Nab-sack out and capture it beast.

Now that you know the Hogwarts Legacy Graphorn’s location and where to find a Graphorn mount and pet, you can look for more guides on the game in Twinfinite. Still not sure if you should get the game? Check out our complete review. As you can see below, we have all the answers.

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