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All Endings in LoverWatch

Overwatch 2 Loverwatch rewards
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

All Endings in LoverWatch

It’s the official (non-canon) Overwatch 2 dating sim!

One of the things that Overwatch is best known for is its recurring holiday-themed events that happen throughout the year. LoverWatch is not quite a holiday event, but the first official Overwatch 2 dating sim from Blizzard certainly is worth checking out just for the laughs (and the player icons). Here’s everything you need to know about all endings in LoverWatch.

How Many Endings Does LoverWatch Have & How to Get Them

Even though it’s just a small free dating sim, LoverWatch actually has three different endings for players to experience. There’s an ending with Hanzo, one with Mercy, and another with Genji. Each ending unlocks new art of the character that’s exclusive to LoverWatch. The Genji one even shows the hero taking off his helmet, however, his face is out of the frame.

Mercy Ending

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

You can get this ending by completing the Mercy path which focuses on getting to know who Angela Ziegler is as a person. Showing interest in her as a person rather than the hero Mercy will help you reach the end of the story. When Ana asks who you are make sure to tell her you’re Angela’s date and that should wrap up the Mercy ending with both of you flying over Egypt.

Genji Ending

The best advice here is to make Genji understand that you’re interested in him. Even though he’s a highly-skilled ninja, Genji gets pretty shy when you compliment him. Just keep on doing what Cupid suggests and you’ll reach Genji’s ending in no time. As alluded to, Genji will remove his helmet in this ending, and though you won’t get to see first-hand what he looks like, your player character will comment on how attractive he apparently is.

How to Get the Loverwatch Secret Ending

Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

This one is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is get the Genji and Mercy endings to unlock the Hanzo path. After finishing those two first, Hanzo will bring you to his realm of love and at this point, you’ll unlock the secret ending screen by clicking through the conversation options. It would seem that your skills on the battlefield of romance were enough to woo even Cupid himself, which is a pretty lofty achievement.

That’s all there is to know about all endings in Loverwatch. Make sure to save every card and claim the player icons after getting the Hanzo secret ending.

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