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Who Is the Strongest Human Fighter in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Record of Ragnarok Humanity's Fighters Strongest Line Up
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Who Is the Strongest Human Fighter in Record of Ragnarok? Answered

Who’s the real man among men?

The roster for humanity’s warriors is an eclectic group, to say the least. You’ve got everyone from notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper to the famed inventor Nikola Tesla. While they all have their special skills and their god-killing Divine Weapons, courtesy of the Valkyries, one stands above the rest as the best of the mortal combatants. So, who is the strongest human fighter in Record of Ragnarok?

Who Is Humanity’s Strongest Ragnarok Warrior? Answered

Although we have yet to see all of them take to the arena, the strongest human fighter in Ragnarok is without a doubt The First Man himself, Adam. Despite losing in the end, the built-like-a-string-bean, leaf-wearing, former resident of Paradise proved his battle prowess throughout round two against Zeus, giving the God Father of Cosmos – the most powerful God in the series – a serious run for his money.

Adam is about as close to a God as any man can be, possessing nearly immeasurable strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, and capable of harming Zeus with his bare hands and dodging the King of the Gods’ “Fist That Surpassed Time,” a punch that is said to stop the flow of time itself with its speed.

Adam’s Special Skills, Explained

The Father of Humanity also makes use of a bit of a loophole in his own creation. As a man designed in the image of God, Adam can duplicate any attack he sees before him, in a technique known as Divine Reflection. This skill allows him to evade and counter Zeus’ own lightning speed punches and deliver them back with devastating effect. Think Taskmaster from the Marvel Universe, but on Godly scale.

Like all human participants, Adam is gifted a divine weapon from a Volundr pact with a Valkyrie. His choice of weapon, a single knuckleduster on his right hand, while befitting his hand-to-hand fighting style to perfection, makes us wonder what he would have been capable of with the likes of Kojiro Sasaki’s Monohoshizao katana or Lu Bu’s Sky Piercer halberd. Yet with his fists alone, Humanity’s Progenitor gives Zeus the fight of his life.

The First Man’s Unbreakable Will

Past his physical abilities, Adam has unquantifiable attributes that set him apart from the rest of the human combatants. Perhaps more than any other mortal fighter, he has a bone to pick with the Gods. After being unjustly banished from Paradise alongside Eve, his hatred for the deities’ callous, tyrannical tendencies fuels his nearly unbreakable will to triumph in his fight with Zeus.

Adam’s spirit is so strong, he continues throwing punches after dying mid-battle, only stopping after Zeus falls to his knees, ready to admit defeat. The conclusion of Ragnarok’s second round bout is one that deserves an asterisk, as Adam technically brought Zeus to surrender, but just was not able to land the killing blow.

That’s everything you need to know about who the strongest human fighter in Record of Ragnarok is. Stay in Valhalla a little while longer and check out more of our Record of Ragnarok content at the links below.

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