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Who Is Canute’s Voice Actor in Vinland Saga Season 2? Answered

Canute Vinland Saga
Image Source: WIT Studio

Who Is Canute’s Voice Actor in Vinland Saga Season 2? Answered

It takes a village to raise a spoiled prince, and another to voice him.

Season 2 of Vinland Saga is underway and already delivering its trademark action, slick animation, and top-tier voice acting. In the aftermath of Season 1, we’re looking forward to seeing many characters make their return, especially the golden-haired prince (or princess if you’re in Askeladd’s crew), Canute. In anticipation of the return of the pampered royal heir, many are wondering who voices Canute in Vinland Saga Season 2. We’ve got the answers for you.

Three voice actors have stepped into the shoes of Canute.

Who Is the English Dub Voice Actor for Canute in Vinland Saga Season 2?

Image Source: IMDb; From Left: Griffin Burns, Josh Grelle, Kensho Ono

For those of us watching on Netflix’s English dub, he is voiced by Griffin Burns, who is set to make his return as the prince-turned-king in Season 2. Burns, an accomplished voice actor working in the industry since 2010, has lent his pipes to an impressive number of anime dubs, including Shalnark in Hunter x Hunter, Colt Grice in Attack on Titan, and Udo in Mob Psycho 100.

In 2021, Sentai Filmworks acquired the home video rights and released its own dub, separate from the Netflix dub created by Voice Script International in Los Angeles. Sentai’s version was brought to the anime streaming service HIDIVE, where the voice behind Canute’s English dub is Josh Grelle, best known for voicing Armin Arlert in Attack on Titan and Fumikage Tokoyami in My Hero Academia. Grelle is also expected to return to dub Canute for the HIDIVE platform.

Who Is the Japanese Voice Actor for Canute in Vinland Saga Season 2?

For those that prefer subtitles, the original Japanese voice actor for Canute is Kensho Ono, who is also expected to lend his voice to the character in Season 2. Ono has been a staple of the industry longer than many avid anime viewers have been alive, voice acting since 2001 in iconic series like Pokemon Diamond & Pearl as Ryou, Attack on Titan as Floch Forster, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as Shikadai Nara.

That’s everything you need to know about who voices Canute in Vinland Saga’s second season. Stay in the land of Vikings for a while and answer more of your burning questions, like did Canute kill his brother, why is Thorfinn a slave, and is Arnheid dead in Vinland Saga?

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