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This Destiny 2 Enemy Behaves Differently, Depending on Which Console You’re Playing On

Destiny 2

This Destiny 2 Enemy Behaves Differently, Depending on Which Console You’re Playing On

So that’s how they work?

Season of the Seraph features an abundance of enemies to fight in Destiny 2. However, a new “form” of enemy has appeared called Seraph Towers, where they will automatically track your movement if you are within line of sight and one-shot after a period of time. Normally, these can be easily avoided. However, one player has discovered the detection parameters are directly tied to frame rate.

Here’s a tweet showcasing the proof:

This means for players with a last-gen console, the timer doesn’t go down nearly as fast as it does for those with a current-gen or PC. Of course, the frame rate does matter, as those with 30 FPS typically play slower, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is a massive difference in the overall speed.

This has re-sparked multiple conversations throughout the player base as many believe Bungie should forfeit support for last-gen consoles. On top of that, the engine that is used for Destiny 2 is the same engine that was used for Destiny 1, which is now over eight years old.

Either way, as we enter the sixth year of Destiny 2 and the upcoming Lightfall DLC, it’s time for Bungie to make some changes sooner rather than later, as it’s clear they cannot continue down the same path while continuing to support Destiny 2. They stated that the Final Shape DLC that will release next year would not be the end of Destiny 2 but simply an end to the Light and Darkness saga, with a new saga beginning in 2025.

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