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How To Fix Marvel Snap Crashing on Steam

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How To Fix Marvel Snap Crashing on Steam

It’s relatively easy to fix!

Wondering why Marvel Snap is crashing right after the launch or mid-game? Well, you’re not alone in suffering through this dreaded situation, as a lot of players have recently reported this issue. While the game developers are actively trying to fix such issues with patch updates, we’ve got you covered with some tried and proven methods in the meantime to fix this Marvel Snap keeps crashing error.

Fixing Marvel Snap Crashing on Steam

Fixing Marvel Snap crashing on Steam generally isn’t the result of one single issue but potentially several. To make sure you’ve covered all the bases, let’s break down each solution one by one. The good news is that none of these are especially tricky to sort out; just go through each one methodically and you should be back up and running in no time. In no particular order, here’s what you need to do:

Update Your Graphics Driver

Since Marvel Snap is a graphic-intensive game, you must always ensure that your graphics driver is up to date all the time. The best way to download the latest driver version of your graphic card is by navigating to the official manufacturer’s website, such as Nvidia, AMD, etc. Apart from this, you can download the third-party driver update utilities to fix the Marvel Snap crashing problem.

Restart Steam

Restarting the Steam client is one of the most effective methods to fix this Marvel Snap error. To close the program, click on the cross button on the top right of the screen or use task manager to force quit. After that, relaunch Steam and see if the problem is fixed.

Update Windows

Marvel Snap works best when your Windows system is up to date. You can install Windows updates by navigating to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and selecting Check for updates. If updates are available, install them and relaunch the game.

Run Marvel Snap as Administrator

One of the common ways to fix the Marvel Snap crashing issue is by running the game as an Administrator. This option provides all the privileges that the program requires to run properly. Follow these steps to run as an administrator:

  1. Right-click on the Marvel Snap icon.
  2. Select Properties, and navigate to the compatibility tab.
  3. Click on the checkbox that says, “Run this program as an administrator.”
  4. Tap on the “Apply” button, and close the window.

Reinstall The Game

If the above fixes don’t seem to work for you, your system may be storing the corrupted game files. In such a case, uninstalling and reinstalling the game is your last hope of getting everything back on track. On top of that, the game’s support section can assist you with unusual errors when you provide the system’s log files.

That’s all you need to know about Marvel Snap keeps crashing issue. Be sure to check out the rest of our Marvel Snap coverage below.

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