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Hi-Fi Rush Was Actually in Development Longer Than You Think

Image Source: Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush Was Actually in Development Longer Than You Think

The beat kicked up well before we knew it was playing.

The release of the musical rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct was certainly unexpected, especially since there was no news about its launch on any platform. And yet, the game’s development process was going on secretly for years, according to the game’s director John Johanas.

In an Xbox Plays livestream, Johanas and a popular Twitch gamer, TheMavShow, discussed the timeline of when the initial idea for Hi-Fi Rush began. At first, John was hesitant about pitching it because the team had previously worked on the petrifying horror series The Evil Within, and was already working on another scary game with Ghostwire: Tokyo. Despite this, Johanas still decided to toss out the idea back in 2017 since it was “one of those dream games” that he had, ultimately resulting in its release in 2023.

This provides an interesting fact for gamers to mull over: Although some believed that Hi-Fi Rush was created for the Game Pass, it would have actually been in development before the Microsoft acquisition took place.

Hi-Fi Rush’s game director also talked about how the developers tried integrating both action and rhythm-based mechanics to make it user-friendly for all gamers. For instance, some musical-based installments are strict with timing, but Tango Gameworks’ latest title doesn’t require you to hit on the beat and is more of a way to boost your attack. If you want to find out more hidden details about Hi-Fi Rush, you can check out Xbox’s Twitch channel.

All things considered, this launch could open the door to a new genre of games for Tango Gameworks, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. For more on this promising new release, check out some of our other Hi-Fi Rush articles down below.

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