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HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 2 Surpasses Viewership From Its Opening Debut

Joel. Tess. and Ellie
Image Source: Liane Hentscher/HBO

HBO’s The Last of Us Episode 2 Surpasses Viewership From Its Opening Debut

Sink your teeth into the latest episode of HBO’s video game adaptation.

The premiere of HBO’s The Last of Us certainly proved that video game adaptations could be just as brilliant as its original form, leading to over 10 million viewers in a measly two days. So, now that Episode 2 has been released, the show continues its hot streak with 5.7 million on the streaming platform, showcasing a 22 percent increase since its debut.

While the first episode introduces the audience to the apocalyptic world and diverse characters, the second takes you on a journey filled with poisonous tendrils and frightful zombie-like monsters. We also get to see more interactions between Joel and Ellie, which is the heart of the entire franchise and is known to be one of the most heartwarming relationships.

Compared to the video game series, the show dives more into the origins of the infection, where viewers see its effects from a worldwide perspective and the scientific anatomy of the cordyceps. As a result, many audience members expressed how this portrayal hits a little too close to home and caused some to wonder if the events of The Last of Us could really happen now that the second episode provided more insight.

Fans of the series are also curious about the tendril connection system in this latest debut and its possibility of making it to The Last of Us Part 3, primarily since Neil Druckmann has applauded this new take on the show’s official podcast.

All things considered, the buzz and theories surrounding HBO’s The Last of Us indicate its bright future with more thrilling episodes, giving us more reason to frantically browse the Internet to ensure no fungi infection is occurring in the real world.

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