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Top 12 Coolest Halo Tattoos


Top 12 Coolest Halo Tattoos

Ink 117 would even be proud of.

Fans are always searching for more creative ways to express their love for Halo. What better way to show off your favorite characters and elements of the games than to get an awesome tattoo?

From beautiful space settings bursting with galactic color to portraits that invoke some nostalgic emotions, tattoo artists have done it all.

We’ve gathered our favorite Halo tattoos for you to browse and gain inspiration from here. Have a look and give the amazing artists some love on their social media! Without further ado, here are 12 of the coolest Halo tattoos out there.

1. Master Chief

best Halo tattoos, coolest Halo tattoos
Image Credit: Alex Rodway

This Halo tattoo by artist Alex Rodway honors everyone’s favorite playable character, Master Chief. There is even an ode to Cortana behind the renowned helmet that fits into the design perfectly.

2. Watercolor

best halo tattoos

This is a unique Halo tattoo, employing the use of a watercolor-type design. It was done by artist Pandora, and we love it. The colors from either character almost blend with the other’s, making for a tattoo that looks like a painting.

3. Color Sleeve

best halo tattoos, Coolest Halo Tattoos

We are in awe at this full-color sleeve Halo tattoo done by Holy Trinity Tattoos. The amount of work that went into this action shot and portrait is insane. If you want a detailed tattoo with colors that pop but aren’t too distracting, then a tattoo like this would be perfect.

4. Energy Sword

best halo tattoos, Coolest Halo Tattoos

This Master Chief Halo tattoo featuring the energy sword was done at Iron Horse Tattoo as a cover-up of an older tattoo and we love how it turned out. The blue blends well and the design seems to fit perfectly on the model’s body.

5. Full Sleeve

best halo tattoos, Coolest Halo Tattoos

We cannot believe how well-detailed this full Halo tattoo sleeve is by artist Delmer. It features an Arbiter, Cortana, and Master Chief in what almost appears as an incredible pencil sketch.

6. Array and Circuits

best halo tattoos

This tattoo designed by Kirsten Bryan is a unique design featuring the Halo logo’s Array with a circuit background. Halo tattoos like this serve as evidence that you don’t need something overly complicated to show your love for a series – this is simple yet intriguing.

7. Pelican

best halo tattoos

A simple yet unique Halo tattoo, this Pelican aircraft design by Natalia stands out from most of the tattoos we’ve covered with its minimalist style. The black and white on the aircraft is complimented perfectly by the blue streak following behind.

8. Chibi Master Chief

Who wouldn’t find this chibi version of Master Chief absolutely adorable? This Halo tattoo was done by artist Paloma, and we love the cute take on a usually “cool” character. Who said Master Chief couldn’t be both cool and cute?

9. Arbiter

There is nothing more refreshing than a unique style of tattoo, and this floral Arbiter design by the All-Star Tattoo Company delivers just that. The reddish flowers beneath the colorless Arbiter complement the design well and give it a beautiful burst of hue.

10. Master Chief Sleeve

This Master Chief sleeve tattoo by artist Will Walker is another one that resembles a pencil sketch. The shading is flawless and the image itself is awesome.

11. Halo Sleeve

This design by Peter Cox is mesmerizing. The colors blew us away, from the starry spacescape to the blue of Cortana. If you want a Halo sleeve, this is definitely one to draw great inspiration from.

12. Master Chief Realism

This realistic take on Master Chief was designed by tattoo artist Victor Zetall. The attention to detail here is awesome, and the colors are on point. If you want a tattoo of Master Chief that really comes to life, something like this would certainly do.

If any of these awesome Halo tattoos inspired you, make sure to let the artists know and have a go at coming up with your own Halo tattoo ideas. While you ponder what art you might want to represent on yourself, have a look at five Halo Infinite multiplayer playlists that need to come out next.

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