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The Witcher 3: How to Beat Imlerith

how to beat imlerith witcher 3

The Witcher 3: How to Beat Imlerith

One of the toughest in the game.

I’m not going to mince words here. Imlerith is one of the toughest bosses in The Witcher 3, and if you’re not familiar with Geralt’s Witcher potions and concoctions or if you’ve never used them up to this point in the game, you’re probably going to lose a couple of times. Here’s how to beat Imlerith in The Witcher 3 if you’re struggling as much as I did at my first few attempts.

Best Potions to Brew for Imlerith

But don’t worry; here are some recommendations for which potions you should brew in preparation for the fight. For starters, the Swallow Potion is incredibly easy to make, and you should always have a few of these on hand whether you’re in a fight or not. Other helpful concoctions include Tawny Owl and Full Moon as these will help Geralt survive in the fight and allow you to last longer.

How to Beat Imlerith in The Witcher 3

During the first phase of the boss fight, Imlerith will be armed with a mace and a heavy shield. The frustrating part about this fight is that he blocks everything, and his moves are more or less unblockable.

With that in mind, the key to this fight is learning how to roll out of harm’s way and studying his attack patterns to find an opening. Imlerith moves pretty slowly during this first phase, so you can take advantage of his slow speed to dodge his mace and then go in for a quick attack before backing off again. The best strategy is to circle around him, repeatedly rolling out of danger in a clockwise direction.

Try to get to the side of his body that isn’t protected by the shield. This way, you’ll be in a good position to strike whenever he swings the mace. Another thing you should be wary of is that Imlerith can teleport, which is pretty frustrating, to say the least.

Whenever he teleports, start moving around the battlefield; he swings his mace each time he reappears, and if you’re caught off-guard, the consequences can be devastating. He also gains a protective coat of frost each time he teleports, but you can get rid of that with a few attacks or with Igni.

Once you’ve whittled Imlerith’s health down to about 25%, he’ll throw his shield aside and grab his mace with both hands instead. He also gets a little faster in this second phase and a lot more dangerous.

However, this also means that it’ll be easier for Geralt to land more hits on him. Imlerith will usually try to go for an overhead attack with his mace, but this will cause his weapon to get stuck in the ground for a few seconds, allowing you to get in a heavy attack or two before having to back off again.

As long as you don’t get greedy with your hits and are able to dodge his attacks accordingly, it’ll only be a matter of time before you take Imlerith down.

That’s all we think you should need to know about how to beat Imlerith in The Witcher 3. Feel free to reach out below if you’re still having trouble getting past him.

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