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Why Did Abomination Go to Kamar-Taj in She-Hulk? Answered

Why Did Abomination go to Kamar-Taj in She-Hulk?
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Why Did Abomination Go to Kamar-Taj in She-Hulk? Answered

Find out the why the Abomination left to go to Kamar-Taj in She-Hulk.

The end-credits scene of She-Hulk showcases Emil Blonsky’s escape from prison as he goes on another adventure with Wong. But, you may wonder, why did Abomination go to Kamar-Taj? The only way to answer this question is to look at the two character’s relationship and what this could mean for the future of the MCU.

Emil Blonsky’s Escape to Kamar-Taj Explained

Abomination and Wong
Source: Marvel Studios

The first time we are introduced to Emil and Wong’s relationship is in a scene from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, where they fight against each other in a tournament. However, despite their showdown, the two are friendly with one another, and they go to Kamar-Taj to practice their fighting skills.

This moment isn’t further discussed until She-Hulk Episode 3, which explains what really happened between the characters. In this episode, we learn that Wong forcibly took Emil out of prison beforehand because he needed a powerful opponent for his training as the Sorcerer Supreme. As a result, this instance would later negatively impact Blonsky’s life since the government believed he escaped the facility on his own terms.

Considering all these aspects, it’s implied that the Abomination goes to Kamar-Taj in the She-Hulk finale because of his friendship with Wong, where they may carry on with their training. This relationship also explains why Wong helped Emil leave the prison a second time because he does feel responsible for his unjust sentencing in the third episode.

Will Abomination be in Another Marvel TV Show or Movie?

Currently, there aren’t any concrete details about Abomination’s return to the MCU in other films or TV shows, but he could make an appearance once again if there is a She-Hulk Season 2. Based on the ending of the finale, it seems like Emil will stay at Kamar-Taj for a long time since he asks about the Wi-Fi accommodations, and Wong discusses the “shared fridge” within the establishment.

That does it for our guide about why the Abomination left to go to Kamar-Taj in She-Hulk. If you want more content about the show’s ending, you can check our episode recap and find out what is canon in the finale.

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