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Wait, Why Wasn’t Destiny 2’s TWAB About Festival of the Lost?


Wait, Why Wasn’t Destiny 2’s TWAB About Festival of the Lost?

Bungie has yet to reveal any new information on Festival of the Lost. Today we discuss why.

Just about halfway done in October, and Destiny 2 players have been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the highly anticipated Festival of the Lost (FOTL) event. Players were hopefully looking for new information regarding proper details for the event in the latest TWAB. However, players were instead met with an in-depth recap of the TWAB from the week before, with no new information regarding FOTL.

You can find the latest TWAB here:

Last week, Bungie unveiled a massive TWAB going over buff and nerfs coming to certain weapon archetypes, Exotics, and more in the upcoming mid-season patch. They also discussed buffs/nerfs for Season 19 as well.

That’s all well and good, but players have been chopping at the bits for a reason why FOTL is so starting much later this year and why no new information has been revealed about it. This continues Bungie’s recent trend of waiting until the last minute to reveal new information regarding upcoming events in Destiny 2.

In years past, players were well-informed weeks ahead of what was to come and what they should expect regarding significant events such as FOTL. Now, players will have to wait and see for themselves at the weekly reset on Tuesday, Oct. 18, when the event begins, to see what it will hold this year.

Hopefully, Bungie will put a halt to this trend in the near future, as the Destiny 2 community is getting pretty tired of it. Be sure to check out our recent guides on how to farm Powerful Vex and how to complete the Under Construction challenge in Destiny 2.

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