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Is There a Maximum Hand Size Limit in Marvel Snap? Answered

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Is There a Maximum Hand Size Limit in Marvel Snap? Answered

Does Marvel Snap have a hand cap?

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game where you add one copy to your deck of any cards you play. It’s not difficult to draw the cards integral to your strategy every game, but if you happen to draw more cards than usual, does your hand stop growing? Here’s everything you need to know about is there a hand size cap in Marvel Snap.

Is My Hand Size Limited?

Yes, there is a hand size limit in Marvel Snap; whatever the reason for this rule, it keeps you from running out of cards to draw. After all, you only have 12 cards in your deck, you draw half of them over six turns, locations sometimes make you draw cards, and opponents can take/discard cards from your deck. Hitting the hand cap is rare when you have enough cheap cards in a deck, minimizing any downside to the rule.

What Is the Hand Size Limit in Marvel Snap?

The maximum hand size is seven cards, and you stop drawing cards once you have seven in hand. You don’t have to worry about overdraw like in Hearthstone, which discards any card you draw when your hand is full. In the below example, I have seven cards in my hand and can’t copy anything else with Moon Girl, nor do I draw a card for the next turn.

An example of Snap hands getting limited to seven cards.
Image Sourece: Second Dinner via Twinfinite.

That’s everything we have on is hand size limited in Marvel Snap. Check out some of our other Marvel Snap content, like adding cards to your collection, changing cosmetics, and who reveals first.

Featured Image Source: Second Dinner and Marvel

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