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Destiny 2’s Divinity Weapon Season 19 Changes Are Going to Anger A lot of People 


Destiny 2’s Divinity Weapon Season 19 Changes Are Going to Anger A lot of People 

Here’s everything you need to know on why Divinity is getting nerfed in Season 19 of Destiny 2.

A few weeks ago, a heated debate arose within the Destiny 2 community regarding whether or not the Exotic raid weapon, Divinity, should receive a nerf or not. For hardcore players, they felt as though it should be, while more casual players felt it should remain the same.

It seems Bungie was paying attention to the debate, as in a TWAB that was released today, an official statement was made regarding Divinity.

Note that encounters are built around players having access to being able to weaken, as many folks have theorized.  We don’t believe that Divinity in its current form is actually a balance problem, i.e., it’s not necessarily too strong in isolation. That said, Divinity is incredibly dominant in endgame PvE because it trivializes aiming precision weapons and has an  extremely high uptime for weaken. The most important issue is that Divinity granting 30% weaken sucks the air out of the room for all other weaken sources (such as Tether and Tractor Cannon), and we don’t want to power creep past Divinity to make them interesting. 

With this in mind, we’ve been looking at Divinity for a while now, and have tested a variety of changes in Season 19 over the last few months, landing on reducing Divinity’s weaken from 30% to 15%. 

It’s hard to say how substantial this nerf will be until we see how it is in-game. For the time being, it seems to be a fair nerf for both parties. Initially, some hardcore players felt Divinity shouldn’t be able to weaken bosses, as it made encounters in raids too easy.

On the other hand, the casual player base wanted the weapon to remain the same, as raids can be very difficult at times, and having a gun like Divinity at their disposal certainly helps. Allowing the weapon to keep its weaken ability was a good call to make in the end, as it would have ruined the whole point of the gun’s existence.

For the remainder of Season 18, Divinity will not be adjusted, so players can still enjoy it to its fullest until the beginning of December, when Season 19 launches. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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