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How to Deal with Dissenting Followers in Cult of the Lamb

How to deal with dissenting followers
Source: Massive Monster

How to Deal with Dissenting Followers in Cult of the Lamb

Punish or re-educate the Dissenting followers of Cult of the Lamb.

Keeping your followers happy is one of the most crucial things you can do as the powerful ruler in Cult of the Lamb. However, some of your disciples can turn against you when things get too hectic in the camp. Fortunately, there are three ways you can fix this problem, and we’ll show you how to deal with these Dissenting followers.

How to Deal with Dissenting Followers

Re-educating a Dissent follower
Source: Massive Monster

Dissenting followers in Cult of the Lamb develop when the faith/loyalty of the cult is too low, and they will try to persuade others into leaving. While in this state, they will often complain and refuse to do any work or task you assign for them.

Since you are a cult leader, it is your job to maintain your followers’ loyalty and faith in you and correct the wrongdoings of these Dissenting individuals. Players can interact with these followers and select the ‘Re-educate Dissenter’ option, which can only be done once a day. As a result, you must check with them daily and press the same selection again to succeed in this process.

How to Make a Prison & Put Followers in It

Another way of dealing with Dissenting followers is by sending them to the Prison, an area you can build in the crafting area, though you’ll have to fork over 20 Gold Coins and 25 Lumber to build it. Moreover, you need to also unlock this tool through Cult of the Lamb’s Divine Inspiration.

To put them in it, simply interact with the character you want to put in it and click on the bars, which indicates you’ll take them to prison. You can also just go straight over to the prison, click on it and select who you want.

While in it, you’ll need to re-educate them a few times to get them back to normal. This can only be done once a day, but they’re all good once their dissension circle goes away.

How to Murder & Sacrifice Followers in Cult of the Lamb

Lastly, players can deal with unloyal members by instantly sacrificing them with a Ritual or Murder them to solidify their stance as a leader. You can only unlock these by choosing them when coming up with Doctrines.

The Murder option is the first one you’ll find under the Law and Order option, while Sacrifice A Follower is unlocked naturally as you progress throughout the game. Be mindful of other followers because they will become disheartened if they see you kill them, so it’s best to do this at night (they can’t see at this specific time of day.)

Now that you know how to deal with Dissenting followers in Cult of the Lamb, you can choose whichever option works for you. Before you go, you can explore the relevant links below and check out our guide on how to unlock all Tarot Cards in the game.

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