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Can You Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive?


Can You Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive?

A guide on how to save Shuuji in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive can be rather bleak at times; the game handles tones that are far more darker than what many older fans might remember of the Digimon universe. As a visual novel, Digimon Survive weaves choices into the mix, which greatly affects the following events. Party members, for example, can actually die, such as Shuuji. But does he always have to die? Can you save Shuuji in Digimon Survive?

Can You Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive?

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The short answer is: yes, you can save Shuuji in Digimon Survive. However, that answer comes with a big asterisk. Shuuji’s death is inevitable during your first playthrough. With that said, his untimely death can be prevented during New Game+.

Shuuji’s death comes at the hands of his own Digimon, Lopmon. After taking a beating from Shuuji, Lopmon evolves into Wendigomon, goes on a rampage, then eats Shuuji in one bite. Fortunately, a different set of events will occur if you managed to save Ryo during a key moment.

How to Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive

In order to actually save Shuuji in New Game+, you’ll need to complete the following steps.

  1. Complete Digimon Survive and start New Game+.

    New Game+ won’t be available until after you’ve finished the game.

  2. Save Ryo in Part 3.

    This can only be done in New Game+. Ryo also dies in the first playthrough.

  3. Raise Ryo and Shuuji’s Affinity as high as possible.

    When you aren’t actively following the main story, speak with Ryo and Shuuji as much as possible. The goal is to choose dialogue options favorable to them. Save before each interaction; load if you didn’t earn the highest amount of Affinity.

From then on, it’s just a matter of playing through Digimon Survive until the big moment. Ryo automatically jumps in once Shuuji starts assaulting Lopmon, preventing Lopmon’s Dark Digivolution and ultimately saving Shuuji’s life in the process.

With that, we’ve answered an important question: can you save Shuuji in Digimon Survive? Your relationship with the other party members is very important, so it’s crucial you understand how to raise Affinity with characters. In fact, it’s one of two ways that Digimon Digivolve, too.

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