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New Diablo Immortal Update Brings Class Changes & More Endgame Content

New Diablo Immortal Update Brings Class Changes & More Endgame Content

New Diablo Immortal Update Brings Class Changes & More Endgame Content

More ways to play.

For players who are enjoying themselves in Diablo Immortal, Blizzard is aiming to make your experience even better with future updates.

Following the first batch of post-launch content just a few weeks ago, the folks behind the free-to-play mobile action-RPG title have unveiled their newest additions. Coming on July 20 at 3 a.m. server time, Diablo Immortal will allow players to experience the new Class Change mechanic, alongside other content like new in-game events and the deadliest of Helliquary bosses.

Class Changes in Diablo Immortal

New Diablo Immortal Class Changes

Now, instead of being locked to your class choice at the start of the game, players will be able to explore their options once they hit level 35. This doesn’t negate your previous progression either, and can be done by visiting the Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch.

Here are the rules for class changes:

  • Class Change becomes available for a character beginning at level 35.
  • You may change your class once every seven days and at no cost—there is also a one-time option to immediately revert to your previous class, skipping the seven-day waiting period. There are no current plans to allow players to purchase the ability to change classes more frequently.
  • When you change to each class for the first time, you can set the appearance of your character and receive a full reset of your Paragon Trees.
  • Upon changing to each class for the first time, you will be granted placeholder gear. The placeholder gear will have an equivalent rank to the previously equipped gear of your last class.
  • All Clan, Warband and other social group affiliations will carry over.
  • Some class-specific cosmetics and gear will not carry over when you change classes. All gear equipped to your previous class will be available in your inventory. Any cosmetics owned for a class will be retained on that class and will be available upon changing back to it.

New Helliquary Boss – Gorgothra the Claimer

For players itching to take down another major threat, the new update will also add a new Helliquary boss in the form of Gorgothra the Claimer. Watch out for her petrification rays, venom, and serpentine strikes that will claim all unprepared heroes on Aug. 2.

New In-game Events

More rewards are coming the way of Diablo Immortal. This first is the addition of a new endgame experience with the Hero’s Journey, which unlocks during the Frozen Tundra portion of the main questline. Players will battle through four chapters (with two more to come) and “complete mettle-testing objectives that scale in difficulty as you rise in Paragon Level.” Each chapter completion will bring rewards like “large sums of gold or Platinum to Aspirant’s Keys, Legendary Crests, and even the Glorious Journey Portrait Frame.”

New Diablo Immortal Hero's Journey

The update also detailed another in-game event, this time for the Adventurer’s Path. From July 20 at 3:00 a.m.–Aug. 3 at 3:00 a.m. server time, as you complete Adventurer’s Path tasks, take home gold, enchanted dust, and scrap materials for your efforts. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards:

  • Upon completion of eight tasks: 10 Aspirant’s keys
  • Upon completion of 16 tasks: the Adventurer’s Laurel Portrait Frame
  • Upon completion of 20 tasks: one Legendary Crest

Don’t forget, the Hungering Moon limited-time event is still ongoing as well.

There’s more to see when it comes to the full update, so be sure to visit the blog post to learn more. In the meantime, prepare yourself for a more enjoyable time in Diablo Immortal by using one of our many guides, including understanding all of the microtransactions in the game, how to use essence transfer, and how to complete the Ancient Nightmare event.

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