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10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor and Mighty Thor
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

The 10 Most Pressing Questions We Have After Watching Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder was released this past week and with any new MCU installment comes many different questions. These questions are not only about how Thor: Love and Thunder affects the future of Thor and his corner of the MCU, but also the MCU at large as characters from this movie might come into other films.

This becomes even more important now that Disney+ is introducing series that majorly impact the MCU. So, without further ado, here are the 10 most pressing questions we have after watching Thor: Love and Thunder.

Warning: Spoilers for all of Thor: Love and Thunder below. Read at your own risk.

How Will Being a Dad Change Thor?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, we see Thor agree to take care of Gorr’s daughter and raise her himself. This is a massive change from the comics as not only did Gorr have a son instead of a daughter, but also Thor didn’t raise that son. Thor has had children in comic book storylines, but there has never really been a storyline that revolves around Thor and a child.

It is clearly something that is planned on being a significant plot point going forward, especially given the fact that the title of this movie is a reference to this new relationship. The way that the MCU has reimagined Thor, as a strong yet funny and lovable man, does make this decision seem like a natural progression for the character, though.

It will be intriguing to see how far the MCU takes this new relationship and how fans take to the change. So far, fan reaction has certainly been mixed. It should also be fun to see how other characters in the MCU react to Thor now being a father. Given the final scene in Thor: Love and Thunder, the duo seems incredibly formidable, so let’s hope we get to see more of that going forward.

Is Eternity Now a Part of Love?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

Gorr’s whole mission is to be the first person to reach Eternity so that he can wish for all the gods to die, as Eternity grants the person who reaches them first whatever they desire. The Necrosword clearly influencing Gorr into having this goal.

However, Thor and Jane are able to help Gorr see past the Necrosword’s influence and that Gorr can wish for his daughter’s return instead. That Gorr doesn’t need to get revenge for his daughter. That he can choose Love. Though brief, when Gorr’s daughter is being resurrected, we can see remnants of Eternity seemingly inside her, glowing. It is also worth noting that her strength shown in the movie’s final moments could be a result of her being resurrected and not something she had during her original life.

We’ll hopefully get more explanation as there are a few ways the writers can take the storyline. The first option, and probably the simplest, is that maybe Eternity’s powers are now just a part of Love. There could also be something more sinister though, as perhaps Eternity is disguising itself as Love or possibly treating Love as an Avatar, as we see the Egyptian gods doing in Moon Knight.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Love is being influenced by Eternity in some way, which will likely be explored in a future MCU installment.

Will We See More of the Cosmic Entities?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder’s final battle takes place inside Eternity’s Altar, where we see the statue heads of different cosmic entities, including Infinity, Death, the Watcher, and the Living Tribunal. The interesting thing is, we never find out what these entities are within the MCU during the movie.

The most we know about them is that they are the oldest entities in the universe and that they, along with the Celestials, were likely involved with the Big Bang and the creation of the Infinity Stones. Having a character like Love, who is now clearly under some influence from Eternity, may result in these cosmic entities being something that the MCU is looking to explore more of.

Also, they don’t have to be explored only in Thor stories as they could be explored in different corners, with the Eternals characters being a great place to flesh them out. More notably though, as the Watcher is the main character of What If…?, we may get more explanation in that show as well.

What’s Next in Store for Jane Foster?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Throughout Thor: Love and Thunder, Jane Foster is dying from stage 4 cancer. Because of Thor’s wish when he was dating Jane, Mjolnir is now trying to protect Jane from her cancer by turning her into the Mighty Thor. However, Mjolnir is revealed to be hurting the process, not allowing Jane’s body to fight the cancer properly.

This all comes to a head when Thor struggles to defeat Gorr, causing Jane to decide to sacrifice her life and become the Mighty Thor once more to help Thor. She succeeds in defeating Gorr, but in the process, her cancer finally runs its course, taking her life. In a post-credit scene though, Jane arrives at Valhalla and is greeted by Heimdall.

As for what is next for the character, the comics may give us the best idea as to what is next for the character, as she ends up becoming a Valkyrie after finishing her run as the Mighty Thor. It’ll be interesting because as the Valkyrie perished in the original fight against Hela, they are likely living in Valhalla now.

With Jane now arriving at their possible new home, this allows Jane to interact with them and even possibly join the sisterhood. This is further evidenced by how Jane and Valkyrie were shown to have a strong friendship, one that mimics Valkyrie’s relationship with the other Valkyries.

Who Else Is in Valhalla?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

With the post-credit scene showing Jane and Heimdall both being in Valhalla, this opens the door to seeing other characters that we thought were lost to us. Some of the top choices of people that we could see in Valhalla are Frigga, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun. They aren’t the only options, but they are some of the most probable and likely.

Since Frigga was not only the Queen of Asgard but also died in a battle against the Dark Elves, this would likely mean that Frigga would have gone to Valhalla. Also, given that Frigga died trying to protect Jane, seeing her and Jane reunite feels like a perfect opportunity.

As for the Warriors Three, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun, these three died in battle trying to stop Hela, who quickly dispatched them. Seeing them again, this time in Valhalla, would maybe give the characters a bit of redemption after being killed off so unceremoniously.

What Will Axl’s Role Be Going Forward?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Heimdall on the Bifrost
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Meeting Axl and Grace was a huge shock as we had no idea that Heimdall had a son and wife. Thankfully, we got to know a decent amount about Axl as he was a major supporting character in Thor: Love and Thunder, providing significant assistance in helping Thor locate himself and the other kidnapped children.

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Axl and the other children are training with Sif to be able to fight back against any would-be kidnappers. It would be fantastic to see Axl as a warrior in any future Thor installments or even in future crossover movies, helping our heroes against whoever is the MCU’s future big bad.

There is also the matter of the post-credit reveal that Heimdall is in Valhalla. This makes it entirely possible that a reunion between Axl and his parents might not be too much of a pipe dream. Will the family be reunited in life? Possible, but unlikely.

A more likely path would be that since Axl has his father’s gift of sight and with Heimdall still being around in the MCU, the two could be able to have a conversation. This would be fantastic as we would finally see the father and son interact. It would also be great because it would be the first time we ever saw it, which of course would add a new layer to the dynamic.

What’s Next for King Valkyrie?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

One of the disappointing things about Thor: Love and Thunder was that we never got to see the Queen of Asgard, which was promised that Valkyrie would find. It is a curious choice to tease this and not deliver, especially with how the movie definitively establishes Valkyrie as being an LGBTQ+ character.

Some have even theorized that a relationship between her and Sif could possibly be in the cards. On the other hand, this could also simply be a matter of the MCU needing to delay the King finding her Queen, with a probable choice actually being Captain Marvel.

Fans of the MCU have been pairing Valkyrie with Captain Marvel as a couple, and heavy rumors have been swirling around that Valkyrie will be in the Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels, which would make it likely that King Valkyrie getting her Queen was only just delayed a bit longer.

Both actresses have even been shown supporting the fan-theorized relationship, making the relationship feel even more like a possibility. If this is proven to be true, this would give us a King Valkyrie appearance much sooner than people may have thought, next appearing just a year later.

When Will We See New Asgard Next?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Studios

New Asgard was a location first shown in Avengers: Endgame as the result of Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. The land is now ruled over by King Valkyrie, who, despite loving looking over it and its people, isn’t a fan of dealing with the bureaucracy of it, preferring actual battle.

There’s a good chance that the next time we see King Valkyrie will be the next time we visit New Asgard, so whether that is in The Marvels, or a possible Thor 5, then that is where we will likely see it next. Now that New Asgard is a serious tourist attraction, perhaps it could become a place that cameos during other characters’ journeys.

Seeing a character like Kamala Khan enjoying herself in New Asgard would be fantastic. She already attended AvengerCon, so New Asgard only seems like a natural progression. Whatever the case may be, New Asgard has been set up as a location that would be easy to see as a cameo in future MCU installments, both on the big screen and the small screen.

Will Thor Reunite With Loki?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Loki Season 2
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see the brothers doing their own things, Thor in his own movies, and Loki doing things by himself in his Disney+ series. Their relationship has always been a highlight within the MCU, so it would be nice to see the brothers interact again.

Valhalla provides a way for the two to be reunited, as it is certainly possible for Loki to be there, especially given that he died in the same situation as Heimdall. Though, Jane would be more likely to interact with that Loki.

Something that would be interesting to see is how Thor would react to a variant of his brother running around, working with the TVA. It is important to remember that the Loki with the TVA is the Loki from The Avengers, so even though he has seen the events of later movies, he never experienced them. He hasn’t had the in-person proof to go alongside that. Seeing that his brother loves him, I mean Thor even has a tattoo of him now, would be an emotional moment for Loki, one that I hope we get to see.

How Will Hercules and the Olympians Interact With the Larger MCU?

10 Questions We Have After Thor: Love and Thunder

Image Credit: Marvel Comics

The Olympians and, more importantly, Hercules have been introduced into the MCU. While they may not be as huge in the comics as the Norse characters, they certainly have a significant place in Marvel Comics, as Hercules has even been involved with major comic book events. Hercules has gone up against some of the biggest Marvel characters and even became an Avenger at one point. It makes perfect sense to introduce Hercules and the Olympians through the Thor movies, but there are other places where they could make future appearances.

The Eternals, for example, could be another group they interact with, as the Olympians have done so in the comics, and would also make sense given the cosmic scope. Another reason is that the mythology that the Greeks wrote has been based upon both the Olympians and the Eternals, when it comes to the comics at least, so it would be fascinating to see how this mythology was intertwined in the MCU. Angelina Jolie’s Thena was the basis of Athena, but is there an Olympian Athena?

If so, how did the two become intertwined into the same character in Greek Mythology? Did the Olympians previously come to Earth? They must’ve, as there isn’t another clear explanation of how the Greeks would know about them then. The MCU has opened the door to plenty of complex questions, so hopefully, they are willing to give us the answers to them.

The MCU is a massive, ever-expanding franchise, so some of these questions may be answered way sooner than others; some may even be answered on streaming. If you have any other pressing questions, share them with us in the usual place down below.

Featured Image Source: Marvel

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