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How Many Filler Episodes Are in One Piece?

One Piece

How Many Filler Episodes Are in One Piece?

Which episodes can you skip if you want to rush the main story?

Preparing to watch the anime One Piece is akin to getting ready for a marathon. It is going to take a long time to get through the entire thing, and more people will look for a way to make it easier to do. For long anime series such as One Piece, that is generally by avoiding any “filler” episodes.

The excellent news about One Piece is that the series is broken up into pretty distinct arcs, sets of episodes that deal with specific happenings in the life of Monkey D. Luffy and his companions—as such, skipping the filler episodes is pretty easy to do.

All Filler Episodes in One Piece

  • Episode 54 to 60 – The Warship Island Arc
  • Episode 98 to 99
  • Episode 102
  • Episode 131 to 134 – The Post Alabasta Arc
  • Episode 136 to 138 – The Goat Island Arc
  • Episode 139 to 143 – The Ruluka Island Arc
  • Episode 196 to 206
  • Episode 220 to 224 – The Ocean’s Dream Arc
  • Episode 225 and 226 – The Foxy’s Return Arc
  • Episode 279 to 283
  • Episode 291 to 292
  • Episode 326 to 336 – The Ice Hunter Arc
  • Episode 38 to 384 – The Spa Island Arc
  • Episode 426 to 429 – The Little East Blue Arc
  • Episode 457 to 458
  • Episode 575 to 578 – The Z’s Ambition Arc
  • Episode 626 to 627 – The Caesar’s Retrieval Arc
  • Episode 747 to 750 – The Silver Mine Arc
  • Episode 780 to 782
  • Episode 895 to 896

What is a Filler Episode?

People will argue about exactly which episodes constitute as filler, but the definition of a filler episode is clearer, thankfully. Filler episodes are any episodes that do not move the main narrative forward or are not based on anything from the source material that inspired the anime.

The reason for this is the anime version of a manga can often fill in the time between the manga being written and moving the main story forward. Due to the length of time it can take for a long-running manga series to be written, the animes will often come up with new stories to explore to continue having content for the show.

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