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3 Ways Elden Ring Could Have Been Even Better


3 Ways Elden Ring Could Have Been Even Better

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has released to critical acclaim and has enjoyed a positive reception from both long-term fans of the Soulsborne series and newcomers alike. While retaining the series’ core, crippling difficulty, Elden Ring also makes a number of improvements and refinements — including going open-world in its design — making it the most accessible entry in the series thus far.

While its sprawling world just begs to be explored and its incredibly designed bosses eagerly await their partner (you) for a deadly dance of dodge rolls and well-timed attacks, not everything is absolutely perfect. Here, we’re going to run through three ways in which Elden Ring could have been even better.

We’re noting now that these really are largely just us nitpicking (bar the final entry). But in the strive for absolute perfection in the industry, resolving these minor issues can go a long way to pushing the medium forward, as developers take notes and learn from one another. Pobody’s nerfect, after all.

Resolving the Performance Issues

Ways Elden Ring Could Have Been Better

Ways elden ring could be better

This is something we noted in our review, where we played through the entire game on PC. Elden Ring’s performance is pretty rough right now, with the PC version, in particular, suffering from hefty framerate drops, stuttering, bugs, and crashes. It’s a familiar story for FromSoftware, as the developer has always struggled with the platform on its previous titles, too.

Unfortunately, performance is a problem on consoles, too. As outlined by DigitalFoundry’s tech analysis video, both PS5 and Xbox Series X fail to reach a consistent 60fps even in the game’s ‘Prioritize Framerate’ mode that uses a Dynamic Resolution Scaling for when things get particularly hectic on-screen.

Given how much smoother and more fluid the combat and general exploration feels when you do hit 60fps (you’ve got to play the PS4 Pro version on PS5 to achieve this, in turn losing some visual fidelity), this really is problematic, and can often drag you out of the immersion that The Lands Between does so well to build with its stunning locales, interesting NPCs and the freedom to craft your own story.

FromSoftware has announced it’s working on resolving these performance problems, but whether or not we’ll ever see the game achieving a steady 60fps on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X remains to be seen.

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