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Which Letterkenny Group Do You Belong To? Take This Quiz to Find Out


Which Letterkenny Group Do You Belong To? Take This Quiz to Find Out

You’re on the internet the other day when you get to wondering: which Letterkenny group am I most like? Am I one of the good old boys or just a straight-up degenerate? Well, wonder no longer, as we’ve got the perfect quiz for you.

Below, we’ve concocted a personality quiz that will specify which of the four main groups from the show you fit in best with: The Hicks, The Hockey Players, The Degens, or The Skids.

So without further ado, grab a Puppers and some Gus N’ Brew, and let’s jump right into this personality quiz and see which of these notorious Letterkenny groups you belong to. And be sure to let us know who you belong to in the comment section below.

Which Letterkenny Group Do You Belong In? Take This Quiz to Find Out

It's Sunday; what are you up to?
What is your go to move in a fight?
Where is your favorite place to hang out and have fun?
How do you usually dress?
Which of these is your favorite recreational substance?
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
Do you go to church?
How would people who don't like you describe your group?
What makes you angry?
What are your views on cheaters?

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