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GTA Online Player Lands on Maze Bank From Mount Chiliad

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GTA Online Player Lands on Maze Bank From Mount Chiliad

Navigating your way up to the top of Maze Bank in GTA V and GTA Online has become an insane competition of one-upmanship over the years, as players do their best to reach the helipad of this skyscraper in the craziest ways. Despite having seen some pretty amazing attempts of the years, though, I’m not sure there will ever be anything that can beat the most recent attempt.

As you can see in the post the GTA Online subreddit below, user Accomplished_Mix_475 has just pulled off the impossible, as they managed to land on the top of the Maze Bank starting all the way from Mount Chiliad.

This insane act of witchcraft seems like it can only be done on the Faggio in GTA Online. Not only is it a motorcycle, allowing players to use the lean back method to inexplicably get more air, but it also is the lightest vehicle that can also pick up the necessary speed.

What do you think of this crazy feat? Is it even possible to one-up it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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