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Best RPGs of 2021

Best RPGs of 2021

Best RPGs of 2021

We may be sinking into 2022, but that just means we’re at the start of announcing Twinfinite’s 2021 best of picks across all genres. It’s time to buckle up and maybe pick a new game to play. Every RPG on on our best of list is a massive adventure, but they all have a common thread to them. In each game you play as characters that find themselves among friends that become family. These parties are faced with impossible odds while leaning on each other for support when things are at their hardest. Let’s reveal the best RPGs of 2021 as voted on by Twinfinite staff and editors!

Best RPGs of 2021

Second Runner-Up: NieR Replicant

Reviews Editor Zhiqing Wan: NieR: Automata cast a huge spotlight on series creator Yoko Taro and the NieR series as a whole. People just couldn’t get enough of the sad philosophical robots, and it was only a matter of time before the first NieR game got its time in the sun once again.

The original NieR was released to lukewarm reception across the board, and for good reason. It was a pretty ugly game, plagued with boring combat and seriously tedious side quests. The 2021 remaster, NieR Replicant ver.1.22, is still plagued with those same boring side quests, but it certainly looks a hell of a lot better now.

Replicant comes with a beautiful graphical facelift, and more importantly, an overhaul to the combat system to make it feel a lot more fluid and closer to the gameplay experience of Automata. It’s an absolute joy to control, and the addition of new quests and story content help to flesh it out even more for the lore fiends who can’t get enough of Taro’s insane universe.

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