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Best Remakes & Remasters of 2021

best remake remaster 2021

Best Remakes & Remasters of 2021

As we continue on with award season here at Twinfinite, it’s time to recognize the best games of 2021 that were remakes or remasters of older titles. These often offered fresh takes on beloved games from the past, allowing players to relive some old favorites in new ways. Here are the best remakes and remasters of 2021 as voted on by Twinfnite’s staff.

Best Remakes/Remasters of 2021

Honorable Mention: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl

Staff Writer Rebecca Stone: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are as faithful of remakes as it gets. Generation IV remakes were long-anticipated by fans, and ILCA did a fine job with staying true to the original games while adding quality of life improvements.

Though these remakes didn’t come with a significant amount of new content or features from Pokemon: Platinum, many other changes fixed a lot of the problems that fans had, such as pacing and wild Pokemon diversity. The art style felt modern yet nostalgic, and the improved soundtrack made the world feel more alive.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl may not be remarkably ground-breaking by any means, but they were a pleasant return to the Sinnoh region that both veterans and new players could easily enjoy.

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