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Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armor Lockers: How to Find All 34 Armor Locker Locations & All Multiplayer Cosmetic Rewards


Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armor Lockers: How to Find All 34 Armor Locker Locations & All Multiplayer Cosmetic Rewards

On your adventure across Zeta Halo, you’re likely going to come across some of the Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armor Lockers. These are one of the various different collectibles that you’ll need to find if you want to 100% the campaign. The good news is that there’s only 34, and they’re relatively easy to track down. Even better news? Opening one nets you a cosmetic item to use in the game’s multiplayer, which is a neat little incentive to search far and wide for these UNSC-branded goody bags.

What Are Mjolnir Armor Lockers?

Mjolnir Armor Lockers are a collectible that can be found throughout Zeta Halo and some of the more linear missions.

halo infinite mjolnir armor locker locations

There are 34 of these in total, and they can be relatively easily spotted thanks to the flashing green light on the top of them. They also have the UNSC logo on the front of them.

When you get in close proximity to one, you’ll hear them beeping away, and the closer you get, the louder it grows.

How & Where to Find Mjolnir Armor Lockers in Halo Infinite

To find Mjolnir Armor Lockers, start off by capturing every FOB on Zeta Halo. These will reveal the locations of Mjolnir Armor Lockers, High Value Targets and other open-world activities on your map.

Once this is done, you’ll then be able to spot most of the Mjolnir Armor Lockers on your map by heading to the UNSC-branded, locker-shaped icons on your map, as shown in the screenshot below.

halo infinite mjolnir locker locations

When you’re in the nearby vicinity, first look out for a flashing green light. The locker itself is often tucked away, but you’ll sometimes just be able to see the green light flashing in the distance.

Alternatively, and more importantly, keep an ear out for the beeping noise they make. This is particularly useful when wearing headphones, as you’ll be able to pinpoint their location more easily. The louder the beeping grows, the closer you are.

Outside of using these to find Mjolnir Lockers around Zeta Halo, it’s also recommended that players check if there are any lockers in the more linear story-based missions as they start them.

That’s because at this moment in time, it’s not possible to replay missions in the campaign, so if you miss them on your first way around, you won’t be able to get them until a future update enables the ability to take on completed missions again.

All Mjolnir Armor Locker Rewards

Each of the 34 Mjolnir Armor Lockers in Halo Infinite contains a cosmetic item for players to use to customize their own Spartan in the game’s multiplayer.

The cosmetics can range from weapon skins, armor pieces, weapon charms and armor paint schemes. In the screenshot below, you can see we received a Banished Weapon Charm from one that we opened.

halo infinite mjolnir armor lockers

Here’s the complete list of all 34 Mjolnir Armor Locker cosmetic rewards:

  • Banished Armor Emblem
  • Banished Spartan Emblem
  • Banished Paint Coating for:
    • Armor
    • M12 Warthog
    • M12R Rockethog
    • M808 Scorpion
    • M290 Mongoose
    • M290-M Gungoose
    • M15 Razorback
  • Banished Weapon Charm
  • Banished Weapon Emblem
  • Blood Shadow Armor Coating
  • Crimson Vettel Armor Coating
  • Dogfight Makovich Paint Coating for:
    • AV-49 Wasp
    • Armor
  • Dogtags Weapon Charm
  • Griffin Armor Emblem
  • Griffin Spartan Emblem
  • Griffin Weapon Emblem
  • Infinity Armor Emblem
  • Infinity Spartan Emblem
  • Midnight Griffin Armor Coating
  • Obelisk Stone Armor Coating
  • Olympic Stance
  • Scorpion Horvath Armor Coating
  • Shadow Sorel Armor Coating
  • Warmaster’s Prize Paint Coating for:
    • MA40 Assault Rifle
    • BR75 Battle Rifle
    • VK78 Commando
    • M41 SPNKR
    • CQS48 Bulldog
  • Wild Kovan Armor Coating
  • Windfall Armor Emblem
  • Windfall Spartan Emblem

That’s everything you need to know on Halo Infinite’s Mjolnir Armor Lockers. For more tips, tricks and guides on Master Chief’s epic adventure across Zeta Halo, head on over to our wiki or see more of our coverage below.

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