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Redditor Makes Jaw-Dropping Shining Gyarados Pokemon Card Animation

Pokemon Card

Redditor Makes Jaw-Dropping Shining Gyarados Pokemon Card Animation

The Pokemon Trading Card market has returned with a vengeance recently, as collectors are going bonkers trying to get their hands on the rarest cards around. But while there is plenty of amazing full art, tag-team, and VMax rarity cards around that are stunning to look at, there are few Pokemon cards that are as cool as what one Redditor has been creating in their spare time.

As you can see in the post below to the Pokemon subreddit, user XoXcHriisXoX made an absolutely gorgeous animated version of their Shining Gyarados card, featuring an ocean background, lightning, and rain to really help set the mood.

What is more impressive is that this isn’t even the first Pokemon Trading Card animation of this style that XoXcHriisXoX has made. One look at their post history shows that they’ve been cranking out these cool animations for a few months now, creating versions for Espeon, Charizard, and Mew just to name a few.

Anime fans aren’t left out in the cold either, as the artist has also made some impressive Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia animations as well. You can check out all that they’ve got to offer by simply visiting their username homepage here.

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Featured Image Source: Bulbapedia

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