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Halo Infinite: How to Get Yoroi Samurai Armor


Halo Infinite: How to Get Yoroi Samurai Armor

If you’ve recently dived into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, chances are you’ve seen that slick-looking armor in the Armor Hall. That is the Yoroi Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite, which looks drastically different from the typical Spartan armor we’re used to seeing in the game’s universe. In this guide, we’ll be running you through how to get the Yoroi Samurai armor in Halo Infinite, so you know exactly what you need to do.

Unlocking the Yoroi Samurai Armor in Halo Infinite

To unlock the Yoroi armor, you’ll need to complete Halo Infinite’s Fractures: Tenrai Event starting on Nov. 23.

Halo infinite yoroi samurai armor

The Fractures: Tenrai event will begin on Nov. 23 and run for one week, though it does return later in the year. During this event, players will need to complete challenges in order to level up the ‘Event Pass’ where the Yoroi Samurai armor will be unlocked for free as a reward.

To get the full set of armor, you’ll need to progress to the following tiers of the Fracture Tenrai challenge:

  • Tier 5 – Yoroi Legendary Armor Core
  • Tier 10 – Gatekeeper Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
  • Tier 15 – Gatekeeper Legendary Right Shoulder Pad
  • Tier – 25 Yokai Legendary Helment
  • Tier 29 – Legendary Spring Blossom Filter Helmet Attatchment
  • Tier 30 – Legendary Swordsman’s Utility Belt

It’s also worth noting that other Yoroi cosmetics will be made available to purchase from the in-game Shop while the event is running. As such, you’ll need some credits if you want to complete the Samurai look.

Equipping Yoroi Samurai Armor

Once you’ve unlocked the armor, select it in the ‘Armor Hall’ menu and then press X on your Xbox controller. This will equip it and you’ll wear it in all future matches until you change it for another.

You can customize the armor by pressing A when selecting it in the ‘Armor Hall.’ This allows you to change the armor color and different components that make it up.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get the Yoroi Samurai armor in Halo Infinite. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to have a look at our guide wiki or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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