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Magiteks Craftworks Creates an Awesome Final Fantasy VI Ultros Diorama


Magiteks Craftworks Creates an Awesome Final Fantasy VI Ultros Diorama

If you’ve gone to school in the United States, then you’ve likely had to make a shoebox diorama at one point in your life. These miniature scale exhibits are a cool way of representing a scene by using 3D figures and can make for some really cool creations. No matter how good your elementary school diomaras were, though, we highly doubt they are anywhere near as impressive as the amazing Final Fantasy VI Ultros piece that artist Magiteks Craftworks has just created.

As you can see in the images below, this recreation of the fight with Ultros from Final Fantasy VI is incredibly detailed, as it even features the pop-out text and stats that the series is known for.

When describing the project, Magiteks Craftworks stated that the commission was an expensive one and that it took a very long time to make. The end result of the Final Fantasy VI Ultros diorama seems like it was worth the effort, though, as the 35 lb magnetic creation got a great reception on social media.

Anyone that is interested in more of Magitkes Craftworks’ art can check out their Deviantart, Etsy, and Twitter accounts, where they post the results of various commissions they’ve worked on. If you’d like to have them create something for you, then you can also check out their rates here.

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