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Far Cry 6: How to Heal Your Health

far cry 6 how to heal

Far Cry 6: How to Heal Your Health

In Far Cry 6, you’ll be going up against Anton Castillo’s violent dictatorship. This means going toe-to-toe with a seemingly endless number of soldiers that are at his disposal. Dani is probably going to get hurt often, so it’s important to know how to regain your health as you explore Yara. Here’s how to heal your health in Far Cry 6.

Healing Your Health in Far Cry 6

To heal, press and hold Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox when you’re low on health. The number of times that you can heal is indicated by a number and a cross at the bottom of the screen. You’ll only start out with one ‘heal’ which recharges slowly over time.

You can check the progress of the recharge by looking at the first-aid icon to the left of your health bar at the bottom of the screen. The recharge is indicated by a white ring that refills gradually.

When you hold Triangle/Y, Dani will start up a healing animation, much like in previous Far Cry games. This animation takes a few seconds to finish, so it’s not a good idea to start healing in the middle of combat if you don’t have anywhere to take cover.

That’s everything you need to know about how to heal your health in Far Cry 6. Be sure to have a look at our guide wiki for more tips, tricks, and gameplay info if you’re looking for any more pointers.

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