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Animal Crossing Enthusiast Creates an Adorable Set of Amiibo Coins


Animal Crossing Enthusiast Creates an Adorable Set of Amiibo Coins

For Animal Crossing fans, it is pretty hard not to want to go out and spend all of your money on amiibo cards for the game, especially with all of the new content that is coming out for Animal Crossing New Horizons in the near future. As tempting as those new amiibos are, though, know that there are other alternatives to satisfying your needs.

In order to avoid the dreaded but tempting fate of overspending on Animal Crossing cards, Redditor Lions_And_Lambs decided to spend their time and money making their own unique amiibos in the game via some interesting little coins. As you can see in the post below, these creative little bits of Animal Crossing currency are custom made, featuring characters like Pascal, Poppy, and many more.

According to the comments section of the post, anyone that is interested in making these kinds of coins themselves can simply Google amiibo coins for tutorials. These will walk you through the process of creating these types of coins for yourself for all sorts of different kinds of creations.

For more information on Animal Crossing, be sure to check out all of the related features, news, and quizzes we have down below. There is also plenty of other Nintendo Switch-based articles to be found throughout Twinfintie as well, so enjoy searching!

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